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Monorail great for Okinawa sightseeing!

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Yui-Rail (Okinawa Monorail)

Yui-Rail (Okinawa Monorail)

Many people know that Okinawa has a monorail system in the Naha area, but not many know that the monorail is great for sightseeing around Naha!

Yui-rail (Okinawa monorail) runs within the city of Naha and connects the airport, city and other sightseeing destinations. Our tip is if you have a car, to park at Naha airport with plenty of free cheap parking, and then to take the monorail to visit the areas around each station. The monorail station at the airport is a very short walk from the car parks and terminals.

Here are some of our tips for what to see and do close to each monorail station:

Kencho-mae Station gives access to west entrance of Kokusai-dori (One of the most popular streets in Naha for visitors, filled with all kinds of shops, restaurants, bars and more)

Miebashi Station gives access to Okiei-dori Street, Naha Tourist Information Center, Kokusai-dori Street, and Heiwa-dori Street.

Shuri Station gives access to Shuri Castle area, Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Awamori Liquor Brewery

A one day pass for the monorail is only Y800 for adults and Y400 for children.

Click here for the website (Japanese only)

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