Ramen Kameya

Kameya Tomato RamenTomato ramen and sushi distinguish this restaurant from typical ramen shops–but how does it measure up?

Spend enough time going out to eat in Okinawa, and you’ll start to notice how fiercely local restaurants compete for customers’ patronage. This is true especially of ramen shops. Because their menu offerings are mostly limited to noodles, they must get creative with seasonal ingredients and novel flavors.

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In The Mood for Noodles

In the Mood for Noodles ArticleSecond in popularity only to white rice, Japanese noodles are versatile enough to take on other ingredients’ flavors, and to stand out as a main course. But what’s the difference between ramen and udon? Soba and yakisoba? We break down five different, delicious noodle dishes, and where to find them on island.

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YOHO Okinawa!

YOHO-ho! And a bottle of honey–Local shop offers sweet selections.

Okinawa Yoho Honey BottlesHumans’ use of honey for medicinal reasons dates back thousands of years. Egyptians used it to dress wounds and embalm bodies. Today, there are lots of claims that honey can do much more, from preventing diseases to being a “better” sugar for diabetics (it’s not—it packs more calories and carbs and has the same effect as table sugar).

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Okinawa and its Rich Music Diversity

The islands of Okinawa are known for their natural beauty and people, as well as the harmonic sounds the people create in their lives.

Guitar lesson at Sunset Music SchoolOne thing you can find in Okinawa is the rich diversity of things, be it in nature, or in the people you meet in the streets. Okinawa is a place for diversity and uniqueness. Music is one of the defining characters of a place. Though Okinawa has its two traditional Ryukyuan music styles, koten (classical) and min’yō (popular), the island has become a rich source of musical diversity.

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Okinawa Kami Sushi

L.A. style sushi and more make this American Village restaurant a hot spot.

Kami Sushi

Few sushi restaurants in Okinawa rival Kami Sushi’s customer service, atmosphere, and most importantly, variety of delicious menu items, including sushi rolls.

The rolls are quite big, a little too big to eat in one bite. Ingredients like salmon, tuna, avocado, and cream cheese appeal to Western palates. Because their English menus include both pictures and a list of ingredients in the rolls, the only issue you might have with ordering could be deciding what to choose.

Server heating food at tableOur sushi roll picks
The dragon roll is a favorite, filled with eel and crab and topped with avocado. The simplicity of the SAC roll (salmon, avocado, and cream cheese) lets the fresh ingredients shine. If you like salmon and a little spectacle, try the Norway Fire Salmon Roll (above). Your server will use a blow torch to cook the top layer of salmon, right at your table.

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Market Fresh – Okinawan Farmers’ Markets

Market Fresh Magazine Article Page


Fresh fruit and vegetables are not only good for your health, they’re also much tastier than canned and frozen varieties. But in Okinawa, shopping for produce can be costly and frustrating. Not to worry—we’ve found 6 of the many farmers markets on island, offering fresh local produce at often deeply discounted prices.

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Forest Adventure Zip Line Park

For thrill seekers and outdoorsy types, Forest Adventure zip line park in Onna promises wholesome fun and a bit of exercise, too.

Forest adventure opening times and prices

Adults and older kids can experience ten zip lines over a cavern of Okinawa’s lush greenery, and climb bridges, ladders, and other obstacles in between.

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Nahsville Country Club

The Place To Get Yer Country On!

Nashville Dance Floor Nashville Country Bar has reopened in Chatan under new management! It's located in Kitamae, Chatan close to Camp Foster's Commissary gate.

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 18:00 to 00:00 (later at weekends) to get you in a country state of mind right here in Okinawa.

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Kan Nichi Kan

Kan Nichi Kan ExteriorYou don’t have to travel off island to taste Korean cuisine—Okinawa has Korean barbecue and a few homestyle Korean restaurants to check out.

Kan Nichi Kan in Awase blends the barbecue-at-your-table experience with some authentic dishes, at a slightly better rate than some other yakiniku places.

Open from 3 to 11, Kan Nichi Kan’s menu features about 15 different meats and a veggie plate to choose from, plus soups, rice, noodle salad, and bimbimbap, a mixed rice dish with fried egg, carrots, onions, seaweed, sesame, and spicy chili sauce. While tasty, we were a bit disappointed it came in a regular serving dish, and not the more customary sizzling cast iron bowl to crisp up the rice. Drinks and salad, pasta salad, and three kinds of kim chi were all self-serve and unlimited.

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Ishiken Housing

Ishiken Housing LogoWe are ready at Ishiken Housing to find your ideal Okinawa home. We have got a wide variety of Okinawa Houses, Homes and Duplexes available to rent all over the island. Please search our website, drop by our office or contact us soon!

Tel: 098-983-7337

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