This Week in Oki (November 14-21, 2013)

Even though the annual White Beach Festival planned for this weekend was postponed for the second year in a row, this time due to efforts to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, there is still plenty to do and see on island this weekend.

Keep an eye out for little ones dressed in traditional kimono on Friday, November 15, which is Shichi-go-san day. Young boys age 3 and 5, and young girls age 3 and 7, get dressed up and go with their parents to a local shrine to be blessed, in the hopes that they will have long and prosperous lives.

If you like to watch basketball, the Ryukyu Golden Kings face off the Shimane Susano Magic at the Ginowan City Gym in Mashiki this Saturday, November 16th, at 7 p.m. Advanced tickets range from ¥1,800 to ¥3,000; add ¥500 to the ticket price if purchased at the event. For more information, visit the Golden Kings’ official website here.

If you’re looking for something outdoors and free, check out the Kitanakagusuku Festival happening this Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 9 p.m. at Shiosai Park in Atsuta. A Google Map for Atsuta is available here.

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Art Rock 58

Art Rock 58 PosterLooking for something a bit different? Check out the Art Rock 58 event at Club Xcentric on November 23. Featuring live music, live tattoo artists and special guest dance.

There's also an all you can eat BBQ!

Click the image or the link for more info.

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Girls Night Out!

Xcentric Male Revue ShowLooking for a great girls night out? Check out the Club Xcentric male revue show taking place on 15th and 16th November starting at 7pm

Click the image or the link for more info

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This Week in Oki (Nov 7-10, 2013)

This Saturday and Sunday, head up north to cheer on all the cyclists as they race in this year’s Tour de Okinawa. Hosted by Nago and other northern areas. There are different races happening, including a pro race, a women’s 100km, junior races and citizen races. The event is celebrating its 25th anniversary. For a complete schedule of events, check out the English version of Tour de Okinawa’s website.

Also, this Thursday through Sunday, check out the Woodwork Festival, happening from 10 am to 8 pm at the Plaza Shopping Center in Okinawa City, off of 330. See the amazing work of local artisans, and possibly bring home a piece of your own. Admission is free.

And, if you love surfing, don’t miss the Itoman Mayor’s Cup Surfing Contest, happening this Sunday starting at 8:30 am at Komesu, Itoman.

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Nashville R&R Re-Opening Party

Nashville Re-Opening PartyNashville will be having a re-opening party on November 15 featuring a new food menu, the same country music you love, western dancing as well as FREE bull rides and FREE pool.

Check out the poster or link for more info!

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International Speed Dating

Speed Dating PosterNovember 22nd at 19:30

Looking for a date? Check out the international speed dating event coming up at Club Xcentric in Chatan. Info on the poster or link.

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Taurus Housing

Taurus Housing LogoTaurus Housing are a large Japanese housing company. They offer professional realtor services and offer apartments and homes for rent across Okinawa including most locations in Okinawa close to bases.

Tel: 098-983-8400

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Looking for other housing agencies? Click HERE to view our complete list

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October 2013 Dive Report – Calmer Waters

Okinawa Sea LifeAs typhoon season starts to wrap up,  we return to calmer waters for the next few months, while the water is still warm and the diving is some of the best seen in Okinawa year round.  October and November usually give us calm seas to enjoy diving before the colder weather of winter really kicks in.

Now is the time of year to rack up that dive count and enjoy the water and explore the islands around Okinawa.  A common question we see from newer divers is, should I just get out and dive more or should I take more classes?  Do I really need to have all these specialty courses and will they make me a better diver?

To answer these questions, there is a proper mix of classes and diving that will increase your diving ability and comfort.  Many of the specialties offered such as boat diver and night diver are generally a complete waste of time and money and will do nothing to increase your diving ability.  You are better off just booking a boat dive or tagging along with some experienced buddies on a night dive.   Other classes such as rescue diver will do wonders for your diving and comfort level.  Nitrox diver will allow you to extend your time underwater and serves as good start into more advanced levels of diving.  

If you have particular issues with your diving, such as using your air too quickly or poor buoyancy control than a class to specifically address these issues with a dive pro is a great idea.  A key point here though, is that good buoyancy control should have been taught to you in your basic class so if that is the problem changing instructors may be in order.  The most important thing is to meet with your instructor before committing to the course and ensure that your particular problems and training goals will be addressed.  Custom classes and training schedules can be arranged with the dive pros at Reef Encounters to suit any schedule or diving goal.  Whether your diving aims include being an instructor,  exploring the deep wrecks on decompression dives or just getting more comfortable on your reef dives at Sunabe seawall the pros at Reef Encounters can develop a training plan and class to meet your needs.

Remember you learn to dive by diving so getting out and enjoying the ocean is the most important part of your development as a diver.  The more you dive the more you will enjoy it!!


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Dynasty Housing

Dynasty Housing LogoDynasty Housing have a wide range of properties available including close to Kadena and Camp Foster as well as near Torii Station. They have properties online you can view by using the buttons below.

Tel: 098-926-1135

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Looking for other housing agencies? Click HERE to view our complete list

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This Week in Oki (August 20-27, 2013): Obon Festivals & more

Mainland Japan may have celebrated Obon last week, but the celebrations have just begun here in Okinawa, with lots of street eisa performances happening nightly in neighborhoods all across the island. Be sure to check out one of the most famous areas for eisa performances, Okinawa City's Koza area (outside Kadena Gate 2 near 329), tonight and Wednesday night.

The kids may be headed back to school, but that doesn't mean the summer festivals are over just yet. The Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel will host the 2013 "Tingara Garden Festival" or "Milky Way Garden Festival," this Sunday, August 25th, from 6 to 9:30 pm. It'll feature regionally famous musicians and performances by the hotel pool, plus a laser light show and fireworks display. Admission is free. See the Oki Night Life post  for more details.

For some interesting additions to the typical Okinawan summer festival, this weekend's Kunigami Festival might be the place for you. In addition to traditional music and performances, it features a park golf tournament, forest tours, dragon boat races, and a ladies arm wrestling contest. The festival takes place at the Kunigami Junior High School Grounds Saturday and Sunday, and admission is free. Contact the Kunigami Village Festival Executive Committee for more info: 0980-41-2101.




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