Tanbo Festa

Check out the 7th annual Kin town Tanbo festa coming on 5th July in Kin Town. Great fun for the kids!

Tanbo Festa

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The Saloon

Bartender at Kin SaloonCome and check out Kin Saloon and ride the bull! Clean well stocked bar with darts, pool and of course are famous mechanical bull. Open 7 days a week 'til late!

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Gold Hall

Path down to caves at Gold Hall Kin TownIt might sound strange, but in Kin Town you can find a cafe, bonsai garden and caves. The caves and bonsai garden are laid out as a numbered tour with 13 sections in all. Passing through the cafe, you go down the stairs passing numerous artefacts and Okinawan ornaments collected by the father of taco rice and his family Mr. Shozo Gibo over 40 years.

Passing down the stairs you soon arrive at the limestone cave. One minute you're in a cafe and the next in a cave! You pass through the cave with stalactites hanging from the ceiling then out into the gardens. The gardens have been carefully laid out with waterfalls and statues and in some places views out to the ocean.

The last stop is the bonsai garden. The bonsai are arranged in three greenhouses. All kinds of trees are displayed in miniature showing the care and attention necessary to grow these delicate, beautiful plants.

After a walk through the cave and gardens, then you have to eat in the cafe.

Taco Rice at Gold HallGold Hall is famous for their taco rice. In fact it's a good reason to visit anyway even if you don't want to see the gardens and cave. It's all reasonably priced as well with prices ranging from ¥500 – ¥900. If you're not a fan of taco rice then they also serve sandwiches and desserts.

Gold Hall is located in Kin Town close to Camp Hansen.

4272-1 Kin Kin-town Okinawa
Tel: 098-968-3546
Hours: 9:00am-8:00pm (365 Days)
Admission fee for Cave & Bonsai Garden:
Adult ¥800, Child ¥500
(Free for the Preschool children)
NO Credit cards Dollars OK

From Total Okinawa Magazine August 2011

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Mia’s Rock House

Mia's Rock House BarMia's Rock House is Kin Town's only sports bar. Come and join us for sports on several screens, a great selection of drinks and play on our 2 pool tables.

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First Round, Last Round

Three customers drinking in First Round, Last RoundOpen 7 days a week with great country and rock music, First Round Last Round makes a great choice for a night out in Kin Town. Friendly bar staff, a well stocked bar and a pool table will make your night out complete!

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Little Country

Dart boards at Little Country KinLittle Country is a friendly laid back bar located just across from Kin Saloon in Kin Town. Enjoy a cold brew in a laid back atmosphere and enjoy pool and darts.

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The Zone

Customers at The ZoneThe Zone, the Rock 'N' Roll bar, brings wide variety of energy in its surroundings to fit many. some see it as the "Cheers" of Kin while the others see it as the Olympic Stadium for beverage competitions. Every Friday is their popular 80's Night. So come out and Rock the Beer Pong!

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