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Okinawa High Speed Internet

Looking for high quality - high speed internet, then Total Okinawa & Sunny Net have got you covered!

We know the story, just arrived on island or moved house. What's the first thing you need? Food, beer, school for the children - nope.... internet connection! How else are you going to chat to the folks back home to let them know how awesome your new Okinawan apartment is!


We've partnered up with Sunny Net to get you internet with no hassle. We just wish it was this simple when we moved here!


They've got both high speed fiber and ADSL available, and the great thing is they actually own their own network so no dodgy re-selling. They're a full fledged, bonafide ISP, just like back home!


Need More - What... a high speed connection not enough for you? Then they've got fiber TV services as well as fiber phone.


Oh and here's the icing on the cake - you know that amazing new, bargain router you bought in the BX that just won't work - well they've got FREE set up on your router as well.


Sunny Net Okinawa Internet Price PlansSO we know you're loving the services they offer, but what's it going to cost me I here you say...welllll not as much as you think! Japanese connections are really high quality for the cost, check out their latest offers on the left.


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Sign Up

Ready to get connected with Okinawa's best internet? Just fill in the form below and one of the lovely staff at Sunny Net will be in touch to confirm your connection.

Not sure what connection you want? Nooo problem... just leave the plan selection blank and Sunny Net will check what's available at your address and give you your options. So easy...



Please complete as much information as possible:

Your Name: *

The full name of the person that will own the Sunny Net account

Line Owner:

The official owner of the phone line that will use Sunny-Net service.
Likely to be the Japanese house owner, unless the customer purchased the line on their own.

Line Number:

The phone number of the phone line that will use Sunny-Net service.
Example: 098-983-7770

Telephone: *

A contact number that, if necessary, shall be used for contact during the daytime.



Housing Agency:

If applicable, the housing agency that shall be used for billing duties.

Email Address:

An existing email address that billing information and company notifications shall be sent to.

Date of Birth:

Year Month Day
The birthdate of the person that shall own the Sunny-Net account. e.g 1974/05/14

Operating System:

Service Of Interest:


Hikari Next - Bleeding edge fiber optic service

Hikari Premium - Fast fiber optic service

ADSL Type I - Legacy service WITH land line

ADSL Type II - Legacy service NO Land line



I understand that I must notify Sunny-Net within 2 weeks of service uninstallation if I wish to cancel. Otherwise, I will have to contact NTT myself:

I agree to not turn in any applications with other businesses, hence confusing NTT and prolonging the service installation:

I understand that I must take care of all outstanding bills before cancelling any service with Sunny-Net Ltd.:

CODE HINT: lowercase "f", lowercase "q", lowercase "r"