Total Okinawa was established in 2008 and offers advertising, web design, graphic design, publishing and printing services right here in Okinawa.

We’re the number 1 ranked online yellow pages site in Okinawa (check our rank HERE) as well as ranking number 1 in several other categories.

We provide a network of websites in Okinawa on which to advertise your business. We provide a comprehensive advertising system with options available in print and online.

We produce original content from our team of six writers to provide engaging reviews and features to draw readers back to our site across categories including food, sightseeing, housing, cars and schools.

We have recently completed a website redesign to enable easy viewing of our content and your advertising across PC, Tablet and Phone.

ALL Our Services Start from ¥12,990!

Online Advertising

Advertise on Okinawa’s No. 1 English Directory!

Prices start from just 12,990 Yen a month!

All our online advertising customers get:

  • Unlimited changes to your advert
  • Free advert design
  • Flexible payments including Okinawa Bank, Paypal & Credit Cards
  • Instant viewer stats
  • All advertisers featured on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts


Now display your ad on other sites within our network extending your ad reach!

Magazine Advertising

Bi-Monthly Magazine in Print, Online & Email

Prices start from just 12,990 Yen a month!

A printed magazine with three ways to read:

  • Read online at our website and
  • Distribution also via email subscription
  • Print version reaches 100+ locations including over 50 hotels
  • Average Readership of 5292 per issue*

*We quote readership not circulation as we believe this gives a true indication of how many people will see your ad. Circulation can be deceptive as it often doesn’t calculate how many of a printed newspaper or magazine will be returned or discarded.

Our numbers include print (with allowance for returns), online readers and delivered email copies.

View the latest magazine HERE or request a paper copy and our media kit at the bottom of the page.

Combine Online & Print Advertising for LESS ¥¥

Our Print + Online combo costs less than others single choices!

Please compare our prices!

We offer online advertising + print advertising for less than others charge for ONLY print or ONLY online.

Ask us for a quote today!

Web Design

NEW FOR 2020! 

1 page starter website works on PC, tablet and smartphone AND with FREE advertising on for Y12,990 a month (+tax)

Our web design services are unique and fully flexible:

  • Start with a 1 page website and grow as your business does
  • Domain name included
  • Basic email included e.g [email protected]
  • 24x7x365 Server monitoring and protection
  • 1 hour of free changes to your site every month
  • Hosting included
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Flexible monthly payment

Our web plans included everything you need to get started with your business idea today. Get local, friendly support with FREE advertising.

If you'd like a printed magazine in the post please leave your address in the message box, otherwise we will send you electronic information only.

Quick Enquiry

Send us a quick question on any of our products or services. No obligation.

We’re happy to give a quote or solution to your current website or advertising problems.

You can also email us : contact at totalokinawa dot com