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Keep On Food Truckin' - October 2022 Magazine Cover

Apr - Jun 2024

Top 5 Kids Activities in Okinawa!
Tired of sand & beaches? Alternative activities for kids in Oki!

Okinawa is not all just beach beach beach, whether it’s bad weather or you’re tired of finding sand two weeks later other kids activities are needed. Our review of the top 5 kids activities is here

Keep On Food Truckin' - October 2022 Magazine Cover

Jan - Mar 2024

Sweet Spots For Some Hot Pots
Get cozy with some Shabu-Shabu in Okinawa!

Mmmm! Nothing beats a nice hot steamy bowl of meat and soup on a cold winter’s day. There is just something about hot pots that can therapeutically warm both the body and the mind. Although Okinawa has only a very limited season of chilly months, what better way to make the best of it with some of Total Okinawa’s selected pickings of this warm deliciousness available on island!

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