The Total Okinawa magazine is a quarterly publication aimed at English speaking residents and visitors to Okinawa. It features:

  • Unique reviews, information and things to do in Okinawa written only for us
  • Interactive video content inside the digital magazine
  • It’s FREE
  • totallysmart content to help you find businesses around Okinawa
  • Clicking a link in the digital magazine takes you there.
Total Okinwa April Magazine Cover - Coffee Shop Okinawa

Apr - Jun 2023

An Oki Java Experience
Recharge your Energy with Some of the Best Brews on Island!

Just because we are all on a tropical Island doesn’t mean we can stay on vacation mode forever. Eventually, work must prevail and for that, what better way to reset and energize than with a good hearty cup a Joe! Lucky for you, Total Okinawa has got you covered with some of the best places to grab that much needed jolt juice to keep you going strong.

Keep On Food Truckin' - October 2022 Magazine Cover

Jan - Mar 2023

Dining On The Wild Side
Okinawa’s guide to exotic cuisines

When living on a remote island such as Okinawa, it’s only a matter of time until you run into some cuisines that make you go “Maybe it’s time to rethink my life choices…” To save you from this inevitable culture shock, Total Okinawa has once again prepared for you an odd yet fairly common to encounter exotic food list for you to experience and enjoy!

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