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Check out our listings of approved Used Car dealers here in Okinawa, with plenty of Okinawa used cars for sale. These lots are all foreigner and military friendly and will get you on the road in no time. We’ve also got a finance company listed if you’re looking to go independent and buy a car from a non-dealer.

Payless Motors Okinawa City Lot

Payless Motors

Payless Motors is one of the better known used car dealers in Okinawa located just outside Kadena Air Base. Offering quality vehicles at very competitive prices, outstanding customer service and more, Payless Motors is a leader in providing the best service the military deserves when purchasing used cars in Okinawa. They have been serving the military community of Okinawa for over 30 years.

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

Johnny's Used Cars Logo

Johnny’s Used Cars

Johnny’s Used Cars has been serving the military community in Okinawa for over 30 years. They have a wide variety of vehicles for sale on 2 lots.

Legion Gate Lot – Monday to Saturday 08:30 – 17:30 and Sunday 10:30 – 17:30
Kadena Branch – Open Monday 1430-1730, Tuesday to Saturday 0830-1730 and Sunday 1030-1730

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

Military Autosource Logo

Military Auto Source

Military AutoSource offers service members more choice, with hundreds of vehicles to choose from in stock, and the option to build your own. Select your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle and order using your exclusive overseas military discounts and rebates. Take delivery of your vehicle at your overseas duty station, or have it delivered stateside when you return.

Four locations in Okinawa; Camp Courtney, Camp Foster, Camp Kinser and Kadena.

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

Dream Run Car Lot Outside Kadena

Project Dream Run

Dream Run is Located just outside Kadena Gate 1. Choose from their current stock of Vehicles: BMW, Lexus, NSX, GTR, 350Z, RX7, Silvia, Supra & Much More!

Their aim is to source and provide your dream automobile from anywhere in Japan. Their Unique Inventory System allows them to search and custom order performance and luxury vehicles from all over Japan. Search from over 200,000 custom order cars.

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

Ride Over Car Lot

Ride Over

Ride Over is located just outside Kadena Gate 1. In-stock vehicles include:
Porsche – Mazda RX7 – Lexus – Nissan GTR – Mini Cooper – Volkswagen – Toyota – Mercedes Benz – Infinity – BMW – Much More!

They Specialize in Custom Order Cars and can help you search from over 150,000 cars throughout Japan. Choose from over 90 different Japan-wide internet auctions

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

Car Man Car Lot

Car Man

CarMan Military Used Car Sales is located just outside Kadena Air Base in Chibana, Okinawa City. They offer quality used vehicles at the lowest prices around. Outstanding customer service, with English and Japanese speakers.

Prices Include: Brand new 2 year JCI inspection, Warranty, Pre-inspection
Road tax paid for current year, Free rent-a-car service (when they are available)

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

SUV on beach in Okinawa

Hillson Cars

Hillson Cars provide high quality used cars and services to both the military community and civilians in Okinawa at very affordable prices. They also provide a 90 day after sales warranty.

Additionally if you’re looking to leave the island they can buy your used car and often give you a much better price than the scrap value. Want to take your car with you? Ask about their export service.

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

SUV on beach in Okinawa is located within walking distance of Kadena Gate 2, with over 10 years of experience, and offer over 100 high-quality used cars.

They offer a complimentary two-year warranty and the JCI inspection comes with more than 90% of the vehicles for your safety and comfort.

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

SUV on beach in Okinawa

AKSport Auto Brokers

AKSport are professional auto brokers having strong connections in mainland Japan. So let them find your dream car from all over Japan, JCI, auction service, finance with AKKogyo.

25 years up old cars, new cars, whatever car you want they can find you for a good price.
They are also a top seller of JIMNY on island, custom order is whatt hey are specialized in. Come visit them to talk more about it!!!

View Cars for sale on their website HERE

Car Finance

AK Kogyo Okinawa Car Financing

AK Kogyo

AK Kogyo help US active duty and civilians/contractors on Okinawa to purchase the car or bike they looking for, during their stay on the island, from any dealer (American or Japanese) or Active Duty on the island.

The process is very easy and simple it will take you around 20 minutes to fill in the application and do the title transfer.

Payments are done by US $ only. Customers can make payments through G.I. Bill Pay Services or Bank direct deposit, which is easier to track and you can do it in their office when you apply.

Get Finance for your next car HERE