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Manoa Pancake House

Manoa Pancake House – Pancakes Hawaiian Style! Great for breakfast with their star pancakes & bacon, egg and sausage #Rycom #Okinawabreakfast

Coldio Resort

Coldio premium condos are all located in Chatan, Okinawa with all mod cons. Their suite room has four beds and two bathrooms and is perfect for your TDY or temporary Okinawa stay. Free rooftop pool access for all stays over 3 nights. #Coldioresort #Chatan #Pool

Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten

Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten – The pork cutlet cactus. One of the most popular dishes in Japan, juicy fried pork fried in breadcrumbs! #tonkatsu #porkygoodness

Maruichi Shokuhin

Maruichi Shokuhin Inari & Chicken – A match made in heaven! Try the famous cripsy chicken skin at this popular food parlour. #Crispychicken #Okinawalegend

Aqua Belle

Aqua Belle Lunch Buffet – Deliciousness on a plate with a view over the East China Sea at Manza Intercontinental hotel #Intercontinental #islandlife


Just how important is rice in Japanese restaurants? Considering that most restaurants have replaced their hamburger buns with rice, well, I would say it’s pretty darn important. I mean what’s next? Continental breakfast rice bowls? Doesn’t sound very appealing but...

January 2021 Total Okinawa Magazine Out Now!

The January 2021 Total Okinawa magazine is out now! The Uminchu Captain – Face the Okinawan seas with the wind in your sails. Allow me to be your guide to some of the open sea adventures Okinawa has to offer! #Totalokinawa

Ukishima Garden

Stylish and upmarket, this vegan restaurant showcases the very best of local, organic, plant-based cuisine just off Kokusai Dori in Naha, the perfect blend of sophisticated and ethical dining, with friendly staff and a welcoming vibe. #Vegan #Okinawa

Pizzeria Marino’s

Marino’s is highly recommended for some good fast Italian food. The gorgonzola in particular is magnifico! Their cream based pastas are served by the noodles being heated and rolled around the insides of a halved carved giant cheese wheel! #Marinos #Uruma



Ootoya is a Japanese style restaurant that serves a variety of different Bento-like meals in a more indoor dining atmosphere. All the popular dishes such as stir-frys, Tonkatsu, Karaage, Saba-miso (mackerel in miso sauce). Oishi! #Ootoya #totalokinawa

Yanbaru Hostel

The Yanbaru Hostel in Kunigami is a super-stylish hotel perfectly located for exploring northern Okinawa close to Kunigami Forest Park, Okuma Beach and Hiji Falls. #Okinawatravel #Okinawa #Backpacking #Totalokinawa

Castle Highlander

Castle Highlander is the all you can eat go-to place for when you’re pinching pennies. Must try the Karaage (Japanese fried chicken). Unique rub mix together with their batter that just adds a nice kick. #Karage #Okinawa #CampCourtney

October 2020 Total Okinawa Magazine Out Now!

The October 2020 Total Okinawa magazine is out now! Christmas is coming! We’ve put together a guide to the holiday season in Japan. How do the locals celebrate Christmas and the start of a new year. KFC for Christmas lunch anyone? #Totalokinawa

Kouri Ocean Tower

Kouri island has been well renowned for its serene beaches, 2,000 meter long bridge, and its Kouri Island garlic shrimp. But also there’s Kouri ocean tower remarkably nestled nicely at the south east corner of this tiny island. #Kouri #Okinawaislands

Kafuu Resort Fuchaku

If you’re looking for luxury, Kafuu Resort Fuchaku in Onna, might just be the ticket. This Condo-hotel boasts stunning ocean views from every room, space to relax and unwind, top notch dining, and access to a plethora of activities. #Kafuu #Onna #Lux #Okinawa

Kudaka Island

The island of Kudaka, also known as 神の島 (Kami no shima) and said to be the first Ryukyu island created by an ancient goddess, lies peacefully off of the Chinen peninsula in Nanjo. A great destination for a day trip! #Okinawaislands #Kudaka #Ryukyu

Iha Soba

Brimming hot bowls of juicy soba with succulent pork or maybe a steaming bowl of chanpuru? You need Iha soba! In Nakagusuku the menu ranges from different kind of sobas and soups to stir fry dishes and stews. #Soba #Nakagusuku #Okinawa

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