Get Bready for some Okinawan B&B – Bread & Breakfast! Top spots to get pastries and morning dough to go with your coffee!

When you talk about Okinawa, the image is usually barbeque, and not breakfast that comes to mind. That doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Just like the Candyman, if you want it hard enough, Bakeries will come find you! For those who are a sourdough without patience, once again, Total Okinawa has got you covered with a few of the top notch bread sources on island definitely worth visiting!

Marco Polo

Breakfast done right! Marco Polo is without a doubt the best and easiest accessible places to get your morning energy boost. Aside from the fact that they are actually open during breakfast time, they also have everything from loaves, cinnamon rolls, croissants, pizzas, and other specialty breads. They also offer dine-in breakfast plates with eggs, hams, and coffee. Another service that Marco Polo offers is that they have complimentary coffee to go with purchase of bread. Really good stuff. Definitely worth checking out.

St. Marc Cafe Chocoro

Chocolate in your breakfast is only acceptable in 2 cases; In your coffee and in your croissant. Luckily at St. Marcs, you can get them on both! Chocoro which is a shorten version of Chocolate Croissant, is exactly their specialty. With the crispy exterior of a croissant and a gooey chocolate ganache in the inside, it is a match made in heaven. They also have sandwiches and other types of pastries such as Danishes and hotdog which pairs pretty well with coffee too in the morning. Foodie tip would be that they have seasonal limited chocolate croissants during events such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day so definitely check those out too!


No, this is not that all-purpose mega store with the similar name. This one is DonQ, a bakery usually found in some of the big Aeon flagship malls on island. Primarily DonQ specializes in their baguettes evident by them pretty much making it with almost everything! Cheese on baguettes, ham on baguettes, edamame on baguettes, etc., you name it, the list goes on and on. Obviously, they do have other stuff. Notably, their bread loaves are so delicately soft that it seemingly defies gravity. They also usually have a restaurant style eating area on the side so feel free to sip and dip that bread slowly while you get energized to start off your day with a bang.

Pizza Entrée

Okay, here me out first; this isn’t JUST a pizza place. Sure, it may be in the name but Pizza Entrée is so much more. You will know right away as soon as you enter. Breads all over! They got a lot of typical sandwiches, croissant, and scones but he thing that separates them from the rest is their melon-pan! For those who are unaware, melon-pan contains no melons but is called as such because of its shape. It has a surface texture that looks like the skin of a melon and is basically a sugar topped sweetbun. I don’t know why the place is called Pizza Entrée when they sell these melon-pan’s by the trays! Of course, they got pretty good pizzas too. Get yours early as the fresher and warmer, the better! Reserve order too so that you don’t get disappointed.

Little Mermaid

Odd choice for a name of an establishment that sells hot warm baked goodies, but no matter as the taste more than makes up for it! At Little Mermaids, the one that gets you is their TV featured “THE CURRY PAN” (curry filled bread) which is absolutely amazing. I often buy them 2 at a time as its perfect as the on-the-go food with some meat. The other thing about their curry pan is that they put in a half-boiled egg in there which as you would imagine is just a dream. Absolute bliss. Definitely worth checking out. Next time, I’m getting 3!

As much as we love that onigiri in the morning, there is just something homey about morning, bread, and coffee (or tea) that just works. Whichever you decide amongst this list, I am sure you won’t regret it as they are simply the best.