Location, location, location. Nothing can really compete with a restaurant that has a very convenient location and easy to spot. Waripo Inaka is just that as it is in an amazing location just along the main route 58. Sadly, its exterior doesn’t share the same wonder as it has been through the test of time. What once was the go-to spot for the nearby office workers has lost its sparkle. But, it’s not over folks! Waripo inaka fights back as it amps up its menu serving both good seafood and traditional Japanese style dishes.

As you enter, Waripo Inaka starts off looking like an old traditional style sushi restaurant with bar counter tables directly facing the chef. To the sides, you will see there are tables and chairs as if it was expanded from the original sushi style restaurant. Menu consists mainly of sushi, tempura, sobas, champurus, but highlighted is the Higaeri (daily changing) set dish. Usually, it’s the catch of the day tempura-sashimi combo but other times, it’s the very, VERY, (it’s so nice I had to described it twice) delicious chicken katsu bento. It’s a toss-up really between meat or fish but all good stuff and will certainly get the job done. By the way, did I mention the lobster? Yahtzee! Why didn’t I start with that? Yep, this place has got it. Half baked, gratin style, uni-sauced lobster. I could have sworn there is some cooking sake in there somewhere but I guess don’t ask don’t tell right? It’s just the way I like it. Pricewise, it’s decent but unfortunately, the portions are definitely getting smaller due to shrinkflation (it’s a word. Google it). Average set menu will bring you close to 1000 yen. Lobster will be double that.

Waripo Inaka is perfect for the office lunch with co-workers or maybe a lunch out with your spouse or special someone. I do not recommend this for romancing as it’s woo factor is non-existent. Location as I mentioned earlier is excellent as it is near the Ojana area north bound along Route 58. Its billboard is the easiest to find as it has a giant lobster on it. Parking might be tricky as it gets packed with limited spaces so do try to sneak out of the office a bit early.

Google Map Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/mg2eJ3CHvpjwUe4s9

Tel#: 098-897-2218

Website: None

They accept yen and credit cards and IC cash like Edy

Opening Hours: 11:00am-10:00pm (Everyday, closed on Monday)