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Okinawa Housing Agencies

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You can now email every housing agency on this page with a single click of your mouse! Click the envelope above or HERE to complete our housing form and send to 1 housing agency or all of them! 日本語 OK!

If you find this page useful OR find your home through one of the agencies below, then please mention “Total Okinawa” to your housing agency.

Tokuzato Housing

Base approved housing agency with English speaking staff. Has a wide selection of homes including new apartments and houses.
Kadena – 098-956-2667

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Joy Housing

Joy Housing is conveniently located between Camps Foster and Lester and Kadena Gate 1. Has a large selection of all kinds of properties on their books.
Chatan – 098-983-7811

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Seaside Housing

Seaside Housing Agency is located in Sunabe very close to Kadena, just a few minutes drive from Gate 1. A wide variety of housing especially close to Kadena and the Sunabe seawall area.
Chatan – 098-936-0202

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Ace Family Housing

Ace Family Housing offers spacious homes and apartments to rent on Okinawa, Japan. We cater to the military community and specialize in helping military families find their ideal home while staying on Okinawa. Our office is located just outside Kadena AB gate 2.
Okinawa City – 098-929-1808

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Tomiya Housing

Tomiya housing is located close to Camp Foster and has housing ranging from single units up to full family homes. Also office space and parking spaces. Also an interactive google map with properties.
Chatan – 098-892-0077

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Housing Center

The Housing Center is located in Takahara close to Awase golf course and offers a good selection of homes, apartments and duplexes for rent by military, contractors and civilians. With several English speaking staff it’s easy to find your dream Okinawan home!
Takahara – 098-931-1088

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Sky Housing

SKY Housing is located in Sunabe and offers a friendly English service with properties located in Chatan, Kadena, Ginowan, Okinawa City and Yomitan. They have a selection of properties on their website.
Sunabe – 098-926-0460

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Sunrise Housing

Sunrise Housing is located in Okinawa City just off Gate 2 Street. They are a friendly English speaking agency with a wide selection of beautiful houses, apartments and duplexes. Email them by clicking the button below.
Okinawa City – 098-937-1985

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Japan Family Housing

Japan Family Housing is located in Okinawa City on Route 330 just after Plaza House Shopping Center. Click the button below to email your requirements.
Okinawa City – 098-933-8112

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American Family Housing

American Family Housing – Okinawa’s Most Trusted Name in Housing. New Website is now ready showcasing their Homes, Apartments and Duplexes across Okinawa.
Chatan – 098-926-3112

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Robinson Housing

Robinson Housing is an American family run agency located close to Camp Foster. With friendly American and Japanese staff and their wide selection of local properties they’re sure to have something to suit you and your family.
Chatan – 098-983-7177

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Central Housing

Central Housing is located close to Gate 2 of Kadena and has a wide variety of properties and English speaking staff to help you with your search.
Okinawa City – 098-939-5121

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My Housing

My Housing is located in Chatan close to Kadena Gate 1 and specialise in providing excellent service to the military community in their home search.
Chatan – 098-936-2968

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Thinking of building a house in Okinawa, then you need to talk to Kyan! They can help with entire process from design through to construction and provide financial support to build your home.
Urasoe – 098-876-3518

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Koza Housing

Serving You Since 1967
Koza housing is located in Okinawa city and offer a range of homes to both the local and foreign population, providing quality rentals.
Okinawa City – 098-930-1948

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United Housing

United Housing are located in Chatan on Router 23, a few minutes from Kadena. They have properties across Okinawa including Okinawa City, Yomitan, Ginowan and Chatan. They have properties online you can view by using the button below.
Chatan – 098-926-1638

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Dynasty Housing

Dynasty Housing have a wide range of properties available including close to Kadena and Camp Foster as well as near Torii Station. They have properties online you can view by using the button below.
Chatan – 098-926-1135

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Taurus Housing

Taurus Housing are a large Japanese housing company. They offer professional realtor services and offer apartments and homes for rent across Okinawa including most locations in Okinawa close to bases.
Chubu – 098-983-8400

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Ishiken Housing

We are ready at Ishiken Housing to find your ideal Okinawa home. We have got a wide variety of Okinawa Houses, Homes and Duplexes available to rent all over the island. Please search our website, drop by our office or contact us soon!
Chatan – 098-983-7337

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Imperial Housing

Imperial Housing have a variety of homes available in the popular military and civilian housing areas of Okinawa including Chatan town, Okinawa City and Yomitan. They have properties available to view on their website.
Chatan – 07054198595

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Star Housing

Star Housing is a new housing agency based in Kamisedo, Chatan. They have a range of properties available around Okinawa City and Chatan to rent. They have properties available to view on their website.
Chatan – 098-923-3956

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Genesis Realty

Genesis Realty is a brand new agency, but with many years of experience with Okinawa property so you are in safe hands. They have an office in Okinawa city or click the buttons below to view their properties online.
Okinawa City – 098-989-8071

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