1. Hot water supply disruption
If a gas boiler is used, the shut valve is activated and the gas supply is stopped. In this case, the user can reset it to solve the problem, but many people do not know how to reset.
If a kerosene boiler is used, the boiler is out of kerosene. Many of our customers do not know which boiler is installed to their houses, gas, kerosene or electric.
Customer often contact us after they realize the tank is empty, so it causes us a lot of troubles, especially during the night.
If an electric boiler is used, most of the cases are due to system failure, and it can’t be fixed immediately.

2. AC troubles
We often get calls about water leaking from indoor unit. Customers do not clean inside the indoor unit, so a drain hose gets clogged and water is not drained outside, causing the water overflow in the room. One of the things to note in this case is, if there are any electric appliances under the AC unit, the water leaked from the indoor unit may cause serious damages to them. Customers should not put anything under the AC that can be damaged if get wet.
Cleaning of the drain hose can be done by a contractor for about 3,000 yen, but customers can buy a vacuum pump at home centers for about the same price and can do it themselves. But in most cases, the cause of the clogged drain hose is dirt and debris coming from the indoor unit, so if they do not clean the indoor unit itself, the problem will repeat.

3. Power outage due to electric leakage
It happens frequently, especially in the AC outdoor unit when raining. Other cases are outdoor lights and outdoor power outlets. If the customers know how to deal with these cases, it would be easier to handle, but if the don’t know, we will have troubles because it usually happens at night.
Power companies have English manuals so we can use them.

4. Mold
Customers are worried about mold in the room and they do not like to be in a warm/hot room, they keep the AC on all day + all night at a very low temperature. It causes the outside air to come in between the plasterboards in the room and the most exterior walls of the house, causing condensation, resulting in mold on the plasterboards. When it gets worse, the mold can be seen as patterns on the plasterboards and wall papers inside the room. By this time, the other sides of the plasterboards are covered with mold.
In order to prevent this from happening, the customers should open the windows time to time to ventilate, and try not to use the AC too much. If they want to use the AC, set the temperature at 26C or higher, especially during the daytime, to avoid the room getting too cold. But in reality, the customers are not willing to do this and there are no other good preventive measures.

5. Water leakage in the toilet
Many customers do not realize the toilet tank is leaking, especially in the houses where there are two toilets. If they shut the valve to stop the leakage until a plumber comes, it will save some cost. In this case, the customers will get charged for overuse of the water, not the owners, so they should be careful.

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