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AKSport Auto Brokers

New car dealer added to the directory, specializing in custom ordes – AK Sport Auto Brokers. 25 years up old cars, new cars, whatever car you they can find for you. Top seller of Jimny. #Okinawausedcars #Okinawacars

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We’ve just added an amazing new car dealer to the directory – Over 100 quality used cars available just outside of Kadena Gate 2. 10 years in business. 2 Years JCI & New Tires! Free loaner cars. #Okinawausedcars #Okinawacars

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July 2022 Total Okinawa Magazine Out Now!

The July 2022 Total Okinawa magazine is out now! Taco Rice! The ultimate guide to one of Okinawa’s oldest comfort dishes. Don’t taco to me now because I’m about to present to you a taco rice fiesta! This highly addictive Okinawan comfort food has broken all cultural stereotypes and has managed to find a special place in the heart of every Uchinanchu.

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April 2022 Total Okinawa Magazine Out Now!

The April 2022 Total Okinawa magazine is out now! Hanami or Hana-You? Let the Okinawa flower gardens invigorate your senses! It’s that time of the year again to step out of your hibernation cave and inhale Okinawa’s nature at its finest. That’s right, spring time is here! #Okinawa #Totalokinawa

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Burger Barn Kin

100% beef true American burgers at Burger Barn in Kin Town. Stop by and check out their breakfast menu as well! All fresh ingredients with over 15 different toppings. Convenient location in Kin Town. #Burgers #Kintown #Totalokinawa

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