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Pizza Parco

Pizza Parco – The local pizza to go joint with some unique choices! 3 types of sausage anyone? What about Jagabe, a mountain of potato on a pizza! #Pizzaparco #Okieats

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Ajisai Noodles

Ajisai Noodles – Where the noodles are and aren’t the star dish! Intrigued… how about some Chashu fried rice? #porkygoodness #friedyum #Okinawa

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Aguro Roast Coffee Cafe

Hidden down in Yaese past Naha is a little gem of a cafe called Aguro Roast Coffee Cafe. Two words – waffles & coffee! Assorted flavors of waffles and freshly roasted coffees from around the world. #Okinawa #Coffee #Yaese #Agururoastcoffeecafe

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Crocodile – Chillax with your drinks in this bar & seafood restaurant in Chatan. The spiciest ramen on the island? #Totalokinawa #Crocodilechatan

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Burger Barn Kin

100% beef true American burgers at Burger Barn in Kin Town. Stop by and check out their breakfast menu as well! All fresh ingredients with over 15 different toppings. Convenient location in Kin Town. #Burgers #Kintown #Totalokinawa

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Osaka Ohsho

Osaka Ohsho – Let’s go-za for some Gyouza! Chinese cuisine franchise restaurant famous for their gyouza is what really makes them glow. #Osakaohsho #Okinawa #Gyouza

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