“There’s like a million restaurants on this island, so when people do decide to come here, I am very thankful, my team is very thankful that they came here, and that they selected us”

…And it absolutely shows. At Mom’s Chicken, every single patron I saw entering was greeted with a smile as if it was their first time visiting giving them a sense of both dignitary and familiarity. I am starting to see why they have a near perfect score on Google reviews. My goodness, all I’ve done so far is enter the door and already I am starting to like this place. Let’s talk more about the food.

It’s time for an adventure! Let’s begin!

First off, their chicken – their magnificent glorious amazing chicken. Mom’s Chicken is a Korean style Yangnyum chicken place with an interesting twist that can be found almost nowhere else. For example, they have all the standards as you would expect such as the Korean seasoned mild, super spicy, regular, and soy garlic, but what really kicks it up a notch (which I like to call ‘the hybrids’) are their unique flavours such as teriyaki, soy honey, soy tangerine, cheddar, and honey butter cheese. The latter in particular shocked me the most as I would never have guessed in a million years to combine honey, butter, and cheese but hey, it works! A sweet spiced taste bud tenderizer is the best way I would call it. Out of the nine flavours that I was able to taste, my personal favourite is the soy garlic chicken which in itself, I believe deserves its own restaurant. A future Dad’s Soy Garlic Chicken franchise expansion perhaps? One can only dream!

Don’t forget the drinks too!

The twist I mentioned earlier is that out of their Korean themed restaurant and Korean chicken menu, they have one out-of-place item – the lumpia! Yep, those Filipino spring rolls you find magically in almost every potluck. While looking at their menu, I was thinking “how’d this get in here?” Turns out, the Manager (Mr. Vance) – being the awesome guy that he is – incorporated in his menu the staff’s specialty. Absolutely wonderful stuff. Speaking of which, Mom’s Chicken caters everywhere from party events, retirement ceremonies, birthdays, and the likes for both on-base and off-base. Additionally, their food is Halal which is such a relief as I know how hard it is to come by on the island. No need to check but best to confirm it when you order.

One word: YES!

I saved the milkshake for last because I still haven’t recovered from the blissful stroke I received from its deliciousness. I will give you a second to salivate over the pictures (don’t worry, I’ll wait). I had the chocolate milkshake which I won’t explain too much as you probably already know what it is except that in this case, interestingly, it had chocolate chips in them! Chewing incorporated chocolate milkshake? This has to be illegal! Well, it’s not, I checked. Only criminally slur-pa-licious! They also have other milkshake varieties such as peanut butter bliss, strawberrylicious, and vanilla.

Ultimately, after eating at Mom's Chicken, it’s just so good, I am in absolute awe. Believe me, I wasn’t expecting this at all. What more can I really say except just hurry and get your butt over there! Make sure to check out their Chatan store too. Also, keep an eye out for their future food truck coming soon as well. I personally can’t wait!

Business Name: Mom’s Chicken

Google Map Location Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/nZbBz8pg7PTEn2ZQA

Tel#: 090-1945-1159

Website: https://www.momschicken.okinawa/

Operation Hours: 11am to 10pm Daily