Cactus Eatrip is a great find if you love freshly baked bagels, plain, with a spread or made into a sandwich. They have many varieties and you can mix and match with a spread, filling or drink to create your perfect meal!

Cactus is a rather unique restaurant, not only can you enjoy fresh bagels but also relax in a colorful, casual place with unusual furniture, artwork and antiques, even trees in the middle of the table!

Cactus Eatrip Basil tomato bagel with sun dried tomato and garlic herbs

They serve their bagels in two different ways. You can have a full sandwich with more than ten different fillings including various meats, fish and salads then combine that with a flavoured bagel. We had the basil tomato bagel with sun dried tomato and garlic herbs. It fit perfectly with our filling of salad and herby cream cheese. You can have a sandwich set for just 880 yen which includes soup and a drink.

Alternatively if you’re not feeling so hungy, why not have a bagel with a spread. They’ve got some amazing flavoured cream cheeses including maple, blueberry, oreo, rum raisin and many more! You can make it into a set for just 650 yen including a drink.

Cactus Eatrip Spread Bagel and Drink Set

Did we mention they’ve also got great coffee? It’s one of those places that you wish you’d found earlier. If you’re missing really good fresh bagels in the morning combined with great coffee then it’s a great choice. They also serve alcohol so you can kick back later on in the day with a cold beer and bagel.

They’re located just after Camp Foster on the right hand side heading towards Naha.


Opening Hours

MON, TUE, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN  9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cactus Eatrip Bagels

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Cactus Eatrip Bagels

3-3-7 Oyama, Okinawa, 901-2223