Nestled along the picturesque Nanjo coast, the charming Ou-jima Island is home to the Oshiro Tempura Shop, which is easily recognizable due to the bustling crowds eagerly waiting outside its doors. As the largest and most renowned tempura establishment on the island, Oshiro Tempura Shop captivates both locals and tourists alike with its enchanting ambiance and impeccably crafted tempura dishes.

Upon entering the eatery, patrons are greeted with a straightforward menu (available in English) that offers an array of delectable battered items, including fish, squid, and sweet potato—all priced at an affordable 100 Yen. To place an order, simply jot down the quantity of each desired item on a paper form, and don't forget to include your name at the bottom. When your order is ready for pickup, the friendly staff will call your name, and you can retrieve your mouthwatering meal from the pick-up window. Please note that the establishment only accepts cash payments in Yen.

Among the many tempting options, our personal favorites were the succulent fish, savory sausage, and uniquely delicious goya tempura. Each order comes wrapped in a brown paper bag, making it easy to enjoy your meal right away. It's best to dig in immediately, as the tempura's crispy batter can become soggy after a few hours. For a truly immersive dining experience, grab a seat at one of the benches situated around the entrance, and quench your thirst with a beverage from the conveniently located vending machines.

The place also seems to be the preferred hang out spot for the local cats, most of which are happy to be stroked or just left alone to sleep in the sun. Convenient, free parking can be found just along the road.

Ou-193 Tamagusuku, Nanjo, Okinawa 901-0614


Open Tuesday to Sunday 1100 – 1745 (Closed Monday)

Free parking available