If you are ever in the Ginowan area and want a homemade and fresh dessert, stop by Sun Monte, close to the 330 in Shimashi. I often passed this cute bakery and wondered about the decorated window and the many cars that are usually parked outside. One day, I went to for myself.

I was welcomed by a nice lady who immediately greeted to me as soon as I walked in. She hurried quickly in the back to tend to the oven and bring more breads out, since it was later in the afternoon and the busiest time for the store had already passed.

I was surprised to see savory bread rolls, little pizzas and even handmade sandwiches for sale. The items were good, definitely competing with grocery stores and konbini bakery items for factory produced bread. I was enticed by the funny looking UFO-pan, the elegant custard pastry (which would make a pretty nice gift for Valentine’s Day) and the savory long breaded sausage but decided to go for the 150Yen Choco pan.

I took it home and enjoyed this as a dessert. It was chocolaty and fluffy and the crisps complimented the whole dessert very nicely. This is a great bakery which I would recommend to every friend. But make sure you come earlier in the day for more variety. Sun Monte is around since 1986 and therefore is known to many for their delicious treats so they get busy often.

Opening Hours

7am-8:30pm (Monday – Saturday)

Sun Monte

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