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Nothing quite describes a peaceful family lunch out like a fight to the death over the last Xiao Long Bao. True, you may get third degree burns on the upper part of your mouth as you rush slurp the Xiao Long Bao soup but really, has that stopped any of us? I know in Okinawa there is a plethora of Chinese dim sum restaurants that offer some great choices but, if you are on the fence on which to go to this coming family weekend lunch, let me recommend to you Hong Hu Jiao Zi Fang (AKA Benitora Gyoza Bo).

For the décor, it has the typical Chinese style table and seats, the overhead lanterns (you know, the one with the tassels), and the highlighted plastic wax ramen dishes on the front show case of their restaurant. For the food, they like to focus on their Ramen dishes and Gyoza which makes me feel perplexed because it’s their dim sum that is the star. At first glance at their menu, it may seem like just your typical average Chinese restaurant however, when you look closer, you can see that they actually offer a wider selection of dim sum which is exactly what you would want in a Chinese restaurant. Some of my favorites are their Nira Manjyu (meat and spring onion dumpling), steam pork spareribs, and of course the Xiao Long Bao. For the rare few that don’t know what that is, they are the soupy dumplings where you punch a hole and slurp in that succulent delicious meaty soup as sort of like a Chinese amuse-bouche before chomping the main dumpling, and what a heavenly soup it is. I sometimes wonder if the epitome of dim sum will be when they start serving that soup in a can via vending machines. One can only dream, I guess. As much as I hate to admit, they also have a good selection of salads. One thing I don’t usually like about salad is how the leaves can be somewhat dry but in Benitora Gyoza Bo, they have a lot of dressing infused salads or pickled veggies making them quite juicy and tasty. For the price, since almost every dish is per sampler plate order size, you would probably average about 1,000+ yen per person.

Ultimately, I recommend Hong Hu Jiao Zi Fang best for weekend brunch or lunch with the family. For some reason, there is just something about everybody sharing dim sum that just strikes home to me. They have a couple of branches in Okinawa but the one I liked the most was the one at the Okinawa Outlet Mall Ashibinaa.

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Tel#: 098-850-8181


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Opening Hours: 11:00am~10:00pm (Everyday)