Located in Ganeko, this Tempura store is the most popular bento place in the area. Uema has more chain stores in Okinawa and is known for their crispy, fresh fried, juicy Tempura of all kind and their cheap but packed bentos. Many workers come here, even for breakfast! There are tables set outside so you can come in, buy your food and enjoy it right there before on your lunch break. Complimentary iced tea is offered, too.

Uema Tempura’s batter is fresh, thick and crispy. The cooks make the Tempura right in front of you. Here are the yummy choices you have: fish of all kinds (squid, shrimp, sakana), sausages, vegetables (sweet potatoe, yasai veggies, beans, tofu), hash potatoes, pork katsu, chicken and cheese katsu, fishcake and even fresh Okinawan donuts. Their prizes are good too. 50-150Yen for a Tempura, depending on your choice.
If you like a bento, there is quite a selection to choose from. The prizes start at about 100Yen for small bentos without rice. 200Yen and more is charged for rice and topping bentos and 450Yen for big katsu and tempura bentos. Make sure to grab a tasty soup or soba on the way out as well!

My favorite tempura here is the Shrimp, because it is always so crunchy and tasty. Uema is my place to go when I crave some good Okinawan fried food. Come and check it out!

Address: 〒901-2214 Ginowan, Ganeko, 2 Chome−27−2
Store hours: Daily from 5am-7pm
Payment method: Cash only
Other stores of the Uema Tempura chain: Noborikawa and Yamauchi in Okinawa City, Katsuren in Uruma and Makiminato in Urasoe.

Opening Hours

Daily from 5am-7pm

Uema Tempura

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