Sunny with a definite chance of meatballs!

We love new eating experiences and products in Okinawa – you can only have so much ramen, so we were pleased to see a meatball restaurant right next to the seawall.

The restaurant actually incorporates a second location for Cactus Eatrip bagels which we’ve reviewed before, as well as a rotisserie chicken business and Scarpetters meatballs.  Depending what you’re craving you can get your fix of three different foods in one location!

The meatball menu is quite simple and you choose from several options and sizes to make your perfect meal. To start choose from one of three sets; there’s a vegetarian option, the mini set which comes with 2 meatballs and one side or the regular set which has 4 meatballs and two sides. Next you get to choose your meatballs with choices of beef, pork, chicken or the day’s special but unfortunately you can’t mix and match. Then there’s choices of sauce from the always popular tomato to original gravy and if you’re feeling adventurous “lemon butter curry cream”! For the sides the choices include mashed potatoes, tagliatelle, cheese risotto and a variety of fresh vegetables options.

We chose the regular set with beef meatballs, cheese risotto and steamed veggies. The price is a little higher than we’d expect for lunch around Okinawa at 1500 yen, when most other options are sub 1000 yen so we had high expectations. The food is cooked to order which is a good sign and the wait was around 10 minutes. The dish was well presented and it was obvious the vegetables were fresh.

So what about the star of the show, the meatballs? They were fresh and juicy but for us they maybe could have done with a bit more zing. Maybe a little more seasoning, or some cheese in the mixture to give them a bit more flavor. They were tasty but maybe mixing some pork with the beef may give a more edgy flavor. The tomato sauce was good but we’d have liked more cheese on top and the risotto had a nice creamy consistency and did taste of cheese.  Overall it’s a good looking restaurant choice in Sunabe with some interesting meal choices, with a little bit more zing to the meatballs it would be perfect!

Hours: 11:00-23:00

English ok, English menu Yen, Credit Card & Dollars

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MONDAY – SUNDAY :  Coming Soon

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