Plane taking off from runway

Plane taking off from runway

With new routes opening up all the time from Okinawa, we’ve got an update on where you should be going and who you should be booking with this summer.

Peach Airlines has some exciting changes right now. They’ve just started low cost flights from Okinawa to Hong Kong and from September 4, they will be starting flights from Okinawa to Seoul. This is a great expansion for low cost flights to international destinations from Okinawa.

A few tips if you’re planning on flying Peach to both international and domestic destinations. Firstly, they operate from inside the cargo area so allow enough time to take the bus from outside the arrivals area on the ground floor, you can’t drive or walk there. Also, they are very strict on hand luggage limits, which has a limit of 2 pieces and 10 kilograms. All hand luggage is checked and weighed so if you need to take more baggage please pay for checked in luggage online, it will be a  lot cheaper and also easier than having to deal with it at the airport. Finally, the terminal is designed only for low cost airlines (Vanilla and Peach) so there’s not much in terms of facilities but on the plus side it’s small and easy to get through. Immigration and customs are also handled in this low cost terminal for international flights.

Also in airline news, from 29 March Dragonair will be adding to their Hong Kong – Okinawa capacity with daily flights, up from four times a week. This adds to the two daily flights operated by Hong Kong Airlines, so there’s now plenty of choice to Hong Kong!

In other destinations, EVA Air will be increasing their flights from Okinawa to Taipei from 4 May. If you want to visit Seoul there are now also more choices with flights from Asiana as well as daily flights from JeJu Air and Jinair. All international flights apart from those on Peach and Vanilla depart from the regular international terminal.

After a lot of rumor Universal Studios have finally announced plans for a new theme park to open in Okinawa. Details are currently scarce but it will feature attractions designed around Okinawa themes rather than Hollywood and is expected to be built near Nago.

Wherever you travel to this Spring & Summer whether it’s home or one of the destinations here, have a great trip!