Authentic Indonesian at Bali Noon Bali Moon

Bali Noon Bali Moon is an Indonesian grill and restaurant located just a short walk from the Plaza House Shopping Centre. Haven’t tried Indonesian food but are curious? Read on and discover a new favourite cuisine.

Bali Noon Bali Moon is pretty small. Cosy is probably a good word to describe it, if we are talking about space. On the right hand side of the restaurant, there’s a long bench stretching from the entrance to the bar area, with three large tables in front and two chairs on the opposite side. It has an array of soft, vibrant cushions scattered along it, giving it a homely vibe. There is a tiny bar and stools, and two smaller tables and chairs on the left hand side. I loved the open feel of the place.

Staff are very welcoming and polite, speaking excellent English and highly attentive. The gentleman serving us particularly was delightful, engaging us in conversation and making sure our water glasses were never empty. The restaurant was quiet at time of visit (only one family of three, and a sole person), but I’m sure as it gets better known it’ll be packed out!

Alright let’s talk business. Food. This was my first time trying Indonesian, and it won’t be my last. They had a decent selection, though sadly at time of visit their grill was still being built, meaning there was a small section of the menu unavailable (it had blank places where the price should be). Nevertheless, there was still a great choice. I had the Bali croquets to start (Balinese meat stuffed into crisp potato dumplings), which were delicious. For my entree, a chicken and eggplant curry (this had a coconut based sauce), and nasi kuning rice (a fragrant Balinese rice with a yellow hue), which were simply amazing. A good level of spice, packed with flavour, and just a hint of sweet from the coconut. A great combination. My husband had the same starter as I, then ayam pelalah (a shredded chicken with chilis, herbs and spices dish) and fresh lumpia (fresh vegetables and prawns wrapped in rice paper), as well as the same rice I opted for. I had a crafty taste, the chicken was divine! sweet mixed with spice to create a taste sensation, and the meat was perfectly cooked.

The lumpia were great too, with the ingredients wrapped in a large lettuce leaf and held together with a thin sheet of rice paper. Crisp and fresh. I decided I needed to try dessert too, with the kolak sounding most appealing. It’s sweet potato dumplings in a hot coconut milk. This turned out to be a generous portion of little beniimo (a purple variety commonly found on island) dumplings slathered in hot coconut milk. It was the perfect end to a fantastic meal.

As far as drinks go, they have a generous wine menu. Whites and Reds of mostly european origin, as well as beer and spirits. They had a small soft drinks selection, which is what I ordered from, because I drove. I chose apple juice, which was sweet and refreshing. And of course, my water glass was kept nicely topped up as I mentioned earlier.

Price? Actually not bad. We spent just under 4,000 yen, including drinks. This seemed fair considering the amount of food ordered! Portions are generous too, so leaving hungry isn’t an option. Everything is served beautifully, customer service is above par, and the atmosphere is peaceful. It’s worth every penny.

Price: Varies depending on dish

Accepts: Yen, credit card.

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY  11:30 am-10:00 pm
Closed between 14:30 – 18:00 every day

Bali Noon Bali Moon

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