Eat out at the little Tsukemen- shop right on route 29 in Nakagusuku City, known for its delicious thick noodles and creamy soup! Garyuya is located quite close to Ryukyu University and is visited frankly by the college students, but also draws locals and tourists alike. It’s small but has surprisingly plenty of seating. It is clean and the rooms are decorated with dark wood- the mellow lighting gives the noodle shop quite the moody look.

Now to the food: You can either chose a Tsukemen and Ramen set or order individual bowls and toppings. The little order cards on the wooden board can be mixed and matched as you like. The special Teishoku sets come with Tskukemen or Ramen, rice and a fried chicken topping. The broths of your choice for the Ramen are the standard Miso, Soy sauce and Tonkotsu pork bone. The Tonkotsu is quite the new experience and is a great choice if you love pork broth and want to try a new variation. It is thick and creamy, almost to the point of sweetness. The Miso is also thick and more on the sour side. I did not like the Miso as much as the Tonkotsu.

You can add different toppings to your meal, like Eggs, Chasshu, Harumaki and Karage. If you don’t feel like noodles, try the Chasshu-don bowl. In case your broth gets cold, order a hot stone to heat up your soup again.

Garyuya is a great choice for a spontaneous lunch. Even on a Sunday, when we came with 9 people, though we were not seated all, we didn’t have to wait long to order. A great place for any Tsukemen lover and passionate Ramen gourmet. Enjoy!

Payment: Cash/ Yen

Address: 966 Minamiuebaru, Nakagusuku, Nakagami District, Okinawa 901-2424

〒901-2424 沖縄県中頭郡中城村字南上原966

Phone: 098-895-6557

Business hours: Friday to Wednesday, 11:30- 23:30 (Closed on Thursday)