There is no surprise that Japanese food is dime-a-dozen in Okinawa. Obviously, this is because we are in Japan after all but sometimes the plethora of choices can feel a bit overwhelming. Hence the question – what exactly makes Washoku Rakuan special? Mind you the location is not the best being in the ground floor of one of the old AEON malls but believe me the food more than makes up for it.

Washoku Rakuan offers a wide selection of typical Japanese dishes. It has the regular favourites such as the nigiri, sobas, and tempuras but the one thing that shines out from their menu has got to be the chicken nanban. Now if you don’t know what is chicken nanban, you are definitely in for a treat. Chicken nanban is a masterful combination of deepfried battered chicken fillet with a “mayonaisey” (you will know when you see it) tartar sauce, and finally drizzled with just the right amount of sweet teriyaki sauce to give it that flavour without making it soggy. Of course, paired with rice and some miso and some other side dishes. Basically, you are getting a well-balanced heavenly meal. What I like about this restaurant is that the majority of the dishes are offered as set menus and as Dons (rice bowl w/ topping) which makes each order a full complete meal. No need to get an appetizer or dessert. However, if you are anything like my wife, you won’t manage to get through without ordering an additional something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Luckily, they don’t disappoint in that area as well. A few selections include pudding and ice cream (Japanese style of course). Pricewise, it will cost you an average of about 700-1000 yen per dish which is very typical and reasonable for Okinawa dine outs.

Bottomline, good place to eat wholesome Japanese food. Bring your family as it’s that kind of place. For date night is acceptable too but I didn’t get that vibe when I was there. Highly recommended for a work lunch. To get there, look for the AEON near Gushikawa. This use to be the major AEON in the area before they built the Rycom Mall but now, it’s a good alternative when you are not in the mood to get bombarded by the hoard of shoppers. Washoku Rakuan is on the ground floor of this mall.