Sushiro has finally come to Okinawa! Visit the classic Go-around-sushi restaurant at Barclay’s court in Urasoe. Sit down, relax and comfortably pick your plates from the conveyor belt right on to your table. Enjoy the various types of sushi, desserts, western snacks and even sodas, beer and coffees.

A great thing about Sushiro is that you can make orders on the stationary computer right at your table and it’s being delivered either on the belt or brought to you by a waiter. Shushiro even offers Ramen, Udon, soups, meat sushi, fries, snacks, ice cream parfaits, cakes and other delicious but reasonable additions to the menu. The price per plate starts at 108Yen. A normal sushi plate has two pieces of sushi and you can pick up some sweet sauce or wasabi for free. The table has its own hot water faucet for green tea that you can make yourself and various soy sauces to choose from.

I love Sushiro because they serve Kani-sushi. Crab is so delicious and they deep fry it and I like to top it with wasabi and Kyushu soy sauce. The deep fried sushi is not oily at all but crunchy and fresh. An all-time pick is also the Shrimp Avocado Sushi or Duck Sushi. With those, my lunch at Sushiro is always a win.

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY  11:00 am – 11:00 pm


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