Tomato ramen and sushi distinguish this restaurant from typical ramen shops–but how does it measure up?

Spend enough time going out to eat in Okinawa, and you’ll start to notice how fiercely local restaurants compete for customers’ patronage. This is true especially of ramen shops. Because their menu offerings are mostly limited to noodles, they must get creative with seasonal ingredients and novel flavors.

Tomato Ramen: Is it like the canned stuff?

Ramen Kameya, which opened last year in Okinawa City, has caught a lot of attention with its tomato ramen soup. Admittedly, I was hesitant to try this new take on a favorite, wondering how close it’d come to canned tomato soup, which I don’t like. But the soup’s flavor did not disappoint—the reddish broth was tasty and slightly acidic, with just hints of tomato. The garnish of powdered parmesan cheese, though not as good as real parmesan would’ve been, complemented the soup’s delicate flavor. Lots of wheat noodles, a couple slices of pork, some greens, sprouts, and small chunks of tomato complete the dish.

More than noodles

Although Kameya’s menu is small, it offers some distinct items, including its own version of gyoza (grilled dumplings), filled with vegetables instead of pork or other meat. If you do try them, though, be sure to bring some breath mints or gum for after the meal—they’re quite oniony. Also available as a side is a plate of nigiri sushi, topped with shrimp, salmon, tamago (egg) and other fish, which were fresh and tasty. We didn’t care for the Japanese curry with chunks of vegetables—it was flavorful, to be sure, just different from what we were used to. At this time, ramen sets with sides of white or fried rice, sushi, gyoza, and curry are available, but as with many ramen shops, the soup can’t be packed for carry out orders. Still, it’s worthwhile to dine in and try Ramen Kameya’s tomato ramen, even to just say you’ve tried it. On cooler, rainy days, it’s especially satisfying.

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Ramen Kameya

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