X marks the spot! Is this for a buried pirate treasure? – No, but more like a hidden foodie gem! Batten is a pretty appropriate name for a seafood restaurant that is tucked inside an ally making it pretty hard to find. Meant as “X” in Japanese, this place is an izakaya restaurant located in Chatan. The restaurant is decorated with multiple open fish tanks which I am assuming is where they keep the catch of the day and also other shellfish and crustaceans. The oddest thing about this place is that although it’s called X, their logo outside is a giant circle. (Don’t ask, I have no idea why…)

It’s almost like art!

For the food, what more can I say except bring on the sea! From lobster bake with uni-sauce to the frequented Batayaki(butter fried fish), Batten has it all. Their sashimi and tempura that comes together with almost every set dish as a side is absolutely sublime. Personally, I tend to avoid seafood but at Batten, it just muddies the water making me forget everything. It really is that fantastic! They also have some awesome finger foods such as octopus seviche, Mozuku tempura, sea grapes, and Champurus (stir-fries). Although classified more as a restaurant, this place seems more perfect for a celebration as it has the atmosphere. I have dined here as a business meeting venue, sales call, celebrated a friends birthday party, and even ate here with my mother. Its functional versatility is incomparable. Although I never tried it but lunch time may serve as a casual co-worker’s get-together luncheon spot too.

Perfect for my size

So the next question is “how much should you bring?” The answer being, “yes”. Especially at night, set menus start at 2,000 yen. Single individual plates can go up to 800 yen each and this does not include any of the drinks. But don’t worry you will get your money’s worth. Perhaps at lunch time you can dine there a bit cheaper. To get there, the easiest directions is to head north towards Chatan along route 58. When you see the big intersection with the Chatan ENEOS gas station on the corner, turn left and then another left as if you are trying to get to the back ally behind the buildings along route 58. It should be about 4 buildings down. Just look for the giant circle!

Business Name: Seafood Batten (Restaurant)

Google Map Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/JNyZK7U8q1vTefrb7

Tel#: 098-921-7270

Website: https://kaisenbatten.gorp.jp/

They accept yen, IC payment, and credit cards

Opening Hours: 11:30am-1:55pm, 5pm-10pm (Everyday), Closed Mondays