Freshly cooked Ishigaki beef hamburgers!

If you’ve ever driven along Hamby in Chatan then you are sure to have noticed the bright yellow building that looks like a cross between a house and a shop.

Peek inside and you will find the most delicious beef burgers you’ve ever tasted. Whether you’re a hamburger afficionado or just grab anything hot from the nearest fast food joint, your eyes and tastebuds are in for a treat once you sit down and order one of their freshly prepared burgers.

Ishigaki beef is considered a relatively new addition to the range of premium Wagyu that you can buy in Japan. Wagyu translates as Japanese beef and to the consumer means a 100 percent Japanese animal raised in Japan from Japanese parents. As with other Wagyu meat it has the traditional marbled fat throughout the meat. What that means here, is one of the most succulent, juicy burgers we’ve ever had!

We ordered an Ishigaki beef, bacon and cheese burger with a side of fries and a soft drink for 1100 yen. It tooks us a couple of minutes to work out how we were going to eat it, but as we bit in that became the last thing on our minds! It was really flavorful and juicy but without tasting of fat. The bacon added a nice saltiness to the burger, all encased in a fresh bun along with tomato and lettuce. All in all, a delicious lunch, for not a bad price considering the background of the meat and the high prices it would fetch if bought in the mainland.

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