With my almost unhealthy obsession towards a perfectly cooked steak with only just a dash of salt for seasoning, I see absolutely nothing odd about how “Salt Bae” spanks his slab of meat with such passion. Steak is love after all. And what better way to describe your love for steak than to incorporate it to the name of your restaurant in the form of a giant heart. Yes, literally. Big heart steakhouse is a no nonsense, straight shooter, surf and turf kind of restaurant.

Granted the venue itself is not the best but it’s definitely not the worst either. Built for the lunch rush, the restaurant’s décor is typical with tables topped with tacky transparent plastic covers, wooden chairs, and tatami seating. For the food choices, you have the steak, or the steak, or… well, the steak! Okay, joking aside, majority of their menu is steak but they also have other choices such as lobster tail (yum), scallops, and fried shrimp tempura. For those who are not really in the mood for steak, they also have tonkatsu which I believe still comes with some form of hamburger or other meat dish as a combo plate. Almost all dishes come with the typical sides of potato wedges with corn and carrots, and you also get a side plate of rice. You can opt to change your rice to garlic fried rice which I wasn’t able to try but looked pretty delicious. And by the way, there is beer! Drink options include draft on a medium beer mug, wine, and regular soda or ice teas. Unfortunately, they have very limited options for dessert unless you consider orange soda slushie as a dessert.

Big Heart Steakhouse is the kind of place you go to get your steak urges fixed quickly and reasonably. The cost is very reasonable at 2,000 to 3,000 yen for each set menu. They have about 4 branches in Okinawa but I consider the one in Gushikawa the best. Easiest directions are from Kadena gate 2, turn left at the intersection at Koza Music Town on route 330 heading towards Camp Courtney. Keep going until you see a “Big 1” store right after you cross route 8 and then, turn left. You will see their parking before you see the entrance.

Opening Hours

11:00am~10:00pm (L.O. 09:00pm) Closed on Tuesdays

Big Heart Steakhouse

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