Overlooking the clear emerald blue waters of the ocean, enjoying fresh salad greens and bread dipped in buttered olive oil at the terrace of this restaurant, you can’t help but wonder what a majestic time to be alive. In Santorini? What? No, this is Posillipo! A restaurant located on the top of the new “hip” area Senaga-jima, an island located on the southern part of Okinawa. Senaga-jima seaside décor resembles Santorini in Greece where there are multiple restaurants facing towards the ocean with the beautiful hotel at the top. Posillipo is on the top floor of the hotel.

The restaurant itself is still relatively new and serves primarily Italian cuisine with just a smidge of Okinawan fusion. A smidge you say? Well, allow me to explain. For the Antipasto, we have the ten different types of vegetable salad. Aside from using local produce, I could have sworn there was an Okinawan edible flower petal somewhere in there. There was also a welcome drink that came with the salad which was a pomegranate fruit drink shot with infused shiquasa (Okinawa lime). For the entrée, we had the herb crusted swordfish (Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds) and the pork saltimbocca which uses the black pig meat which Okinawa is pretty famous for. If it was a choice between the fish and pork, hands down the sword skews the belly of the beast. Although the pork chop wasn’t bad, the serving was relatively thin as do all Italian restaurants as if required by law. They also have a very good pizza, pasta, and dessert selection.

Posillipo is perfect for lunch after a day around Naha. Honestly, the food alone is worth the visit. Easiest direction is to take the expressway and exit at the very end at A4 as you would if you were going to the airport. Upon exit, keep going straight until you reach a big intersection. Right will take you to the airport, left will take you to Ashibina outlet mall, and straight will take you to Senaga-jima. Posillipo will be on the very top.

They accept yen and credit cards only
Opening Hours: 11:00am-12:00am Midnight (everyday)

Opening Hours

11:00am-12:00am Midnight (everyday)


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