This is what you need to look for! This store!

Time to celebrate! The infamous 7/11 Konbini chain has touched down in Okinawa. You can find 3 brand new stores at Kokusai Street in Downtown Naha and another one near Main Place. What is so special about 7/11, you wonder? Here we go!

Special treats

A world of YUM!

Coffee, Ice cream, Onigiri! Those are only a few things that differ at 7/11 from Lawson and Family Mart (which we have in Okinawa). The Ice/Hot Coffees and Lattes come in different sizes, and even Slushies are sold here at 7/11. I got a Coke Slushy! It was so delicious! So fun to get it straight from the machine! I also find that Onigiri taste better from 7/11. You can try different kinds of just compare 7/11 types with the ones from your usual konbini runs. The Kokusai Dori 7/11 still have the Opening Sale, so the Onigiri are cheap!

50Yen off at the Opening Sale!

International ATM

Luckily Okinawa Konbinis get better at accepting international credit cards, but 7/11 always has accepted them. It’s a save place with reasonable charge on the cards to withdraw money! You can also pay your bills and do the usual Konbini conveniences at 7/11.

7/11 is your usual stop in mainland Japan if you need cash. Okinawa has one now, too!

Okinawan 7/11s can stay open during typhoons

The three 7/11 on Kokusai are only a few minutes foot walk apart, so it is save to say, they won’t be the last ones. It is only the beginning of the mighty Konbini chain coming to our tropical island. And it is here to stay. The food storage facilities are actually on island, near Okinawa City, in Awase. That means during typhoons when delivery to Family and Lawson stops from mainland, 7/11 will still be able to open and do business with its customers.

Spot 7/11 next time you are at Kokusai Street!

There you have! Let’s give 7/11 more business so it spreads all over the island!