It’s time to raise the Steaks! – Beef up your meat game with the best steak houses on Island

What comes to mind when someone mentions to you spring has arrived? Is it the blooming flowers? The awakening of bugs and mosquitoes? Or is it steak smoke coming from a good old fashion BBQ?! Probably it’s just me for that last one. After the passing of the cold season, nothing beats biting into a good tender succulent piece of grilled beef to awaken you from hibernation. Luckily for you, we got you covered! Below is the perfect guide to some of the best places to get some good slices of beef.

Ikinari Steak

One problem that I always find here in Japan is that they tend to cut your steak too thin and wide. Craving for a fillet mignon? Forget about it! Typically what you will get stuck with is a hammered down piece of meat about two centimeters thin. At Ikinari steak, they do things a bit differently and allow you to dictate exactly how thick you want your steak. You can even choose from a variety of different cuts in case you are in the mood to live vicariously. Allowing you to control your steak order exactly how you want is what makes Ikinari steak, in my opinion, the best steak place on the island. Check out more information at

Sam’s by the Sea

What better place to have good steak than at a…Seafood restaurant!? (Have I lost my mind?) Contrary to the name, the Sam’s restaurant chain actually provides some seriously bangin’ meat! They have a few versions of the Sam chains around the island such as the Anchor’s Inn, the Café, or the Maui Kumoji, but Sam’s by the Sea is hands down probably the most favored and best known amongst them all. Being next to a yacht club, it provides a fantastic view of the Awase bay and really goes above and beyond with their décor. For their steak, they bring it up a notch by specializing with some kind of Hawaiian pineapple steak sauce which is absolutely to die for. Not to mention, since it is after all a seafood restaurant, it makes a great place to get some surf n’ turf. You can find more on their menu at

Steak 88

Steak 88 has been around for quite some time but only recently started to expand its branches. Especially popular locally around the Naha area, it was only a matter of time before this ‘sizzling’ steakhouse’s secret wonder would leak out to Central and northern Okinawa. In case you did not pick up on that, the sizzling plate is what makes them shine above the rest. The sound alone makes it already delicious. With their recent expansion and opening of a huge restaurant at Chatan area, Steak 88 has almost become a tourist attractions giving a slight U.S. steak house diner atmosphere. It also makes a great place to find some prime Ishigaki beef. Find out more at

Big Heart Steak House

For the pennywise carnivore (such as myself), this one is perfect for you. Obviously you cannot dine like there is no tomorrow spending 3 meals worth of allowance on a single eat. For that, I recommend to you, Big Heart Steak House. Appropriately named as it is jam-packed with love I suppose. This mom and pop steak house has been around the block longer than most millennials have been born. They know the steak game and they know how to execute on a budget. They also have a pretty interesting side menu. How about some scallops with your steak? Yup, they got it! A masterful steak place indeed. See their menu at

Yappari Steak

When all else fails, turn to the most comfortable. I cannot count on both hands the number of times that I was with a group of people and for the life of us could not decide where on earth to eat! Having a farewell office party? – Yappari steak. Just worked out at the gym? – Yappari steak. One of your friends is trying a low carb diet? You guessed it, turn to Yappari steak! Being also a very low cost option, Yappari steak can be quite accommodating despite being a simple steak house. The multiple sauces allows adjustments to suit each person’s taste pallet. Its vending machine style ordering negates the awkward discussion if we are going Dutch as it’s already implied. Perfect for almost any occasion. Obviously steak is amazing too otherwise would not make this list. Just additional foodie tip: when there is a lull in the conversation, try reading the décor. Funny stuff especially about the ten commandments of meat. Don’t forget to wear your apron!

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