Okinawa being a mostly rice and noodles preponderant prefecture, it’s pretty hard to find a place that serves bread to go with your dishes. Let alone, be the main course! At Baqet’s, there is no question that it’s all about the bread. Their main menu is almost designed to ensure that it complements the various types of bread that they serve, which evidently, is all you can eat!

Let’s talk a little bit about the main bread cast: the croissant, an almost necessity for such a restaurant, was delicious as expected. Then there are others like the Macha dinner roll (because hey, we are in Japan where there’s Macha in everything), the “spaghetti complementer” garlic cheese sticks, the triangle focaccia (which I honestly have no idea how to pronounce correctly), and another eight or so mostly typical common type breads such as the wheat and hotel dinner rolls. The last one, which I believe is the best and my personal favourite, is the magnificent sugar roll. Oh sweet mother of food! (I mean it literally!). Amazing how such a simple dinner roll with a volcanic center of melted sugar can be so heavenly. As for the entrée (which obviously I need to at least mention a bit), there are the standard western style menus such as the roasted chicken dishes, hamburger steaks, cheesy beef stews, and salmon with vinaigrette sauce. The salmon is my personal recommendation. There are some desserts too such as parfait but honestly, why bother? The sugar roll does the job well enough.  

Summing up, it’s a pretty fine good restaurant. Price is reasonable at about 1,000 to 1,500 yen per dish and it includes the bread buffet. The directions are pretty simple. Basically head towards the biggest AEON Rycom mall in Okinawa. Baqet is on the 4th floor across the game arcade. An easy way to spot the restaurant is to find the one with all the baguettes dangling from the ceiling. There is also a red neon light which I don’t know how you will be able to miss. I guess you’ll have to suspend your Atkins diet for this one!

Opening Hours

10:00am-11:00pm (Everyday)


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