Roast Chicken Shop

Roast Chicken Shop near Legion Gate

If you’re looking for speciality food or treats that you can’t find in the commissary, then we’ve got a round up of where to go.

Roast Chicken

If you’re looking for fresh whole or half roast chicken there’s a great little shop close to Camp Foster which just does rotisserie chicken, that’s it! If you exit Camp Foster’s Legion gate then take a right at the crossroads it’s located on the left before the next major intersection. Map at :


You’re welcome to prove us wrong but the best bagels we’ve found in Okinawa so far, are at Cactus Eatrip on Highway 58. Available to eat in or take out and baked fresh daily with natural yeast, they’re worth the trip.
They’re located close to Camp Foster. Visit or click here for a map:

Apple Pie

For fresh whole apple pies, the best choice we’ve found so far are the Jimmy’s chain of supermarkets. The biggest branch in the area is on Highway 58 on the left heading towards Naha after Futenma. Apart from the freshly baked pies, they’ve also got a great variety of imported foods and other baked goods, chicken and salads.


Lookout for a full review of this great coffee shop coming soon, but if you’re looking for a selection of over 25 fresh coffee beans then check out Churamame located in Aja, Naha. There’s a map here :

Import Grocery

We mentioned Jimmy’s above which stocks a good range of imported foods you might not find in the commissary. Another good choice is Kiraku Oshiro which is close to the coffee beans shop. They’ve got a large variety of dried goods from all over the world including America and Canada. Great for sweet tooths as they’ve got an entire wall of candy delights!

Kiraku Oshiro has now closed. The review is kept here for archival purposes.