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"You're sold out already!? But you just opened!" Words I have uttered over and over again every time I try to buy the famous crispy chicken skin at this popular food parlour. I am of course speaking about the Maruichi Shokuhin Inari and Chicken shoppe. Let me show you what I mean.

Tonkatsu style batter chicken

Maruichi Shokuhin was a family-owned small shop that just wanted to simply sell their Inari and chicken. Fortunately (or unfortunately), destiny is inevitable. Soon, word spread like wild fire on this magnificent combo that people were coming from all over. Undoubtedly forced to expand, now they have 3 stores. The simple way that their chicken is deep-fried in a Tonkatsu style batter is just absolute perfection. Syncs masterfully with the tanginess you get from the Inari sushi (sushi rice wrapped in soaked deep fried tofu pouch) works your tastebuds like pistons in a v8. Note that I haven't even began to talk about the best part; crispy fried chicken skin. Probably started off as the "left over" item of the menu backfired to become their biggest hit. You can buy it in the morning and somehow it retains its crispiness throughout the day. Of the 3 stores, only the original one sells the crispy chicken skin and they are usually sold out by 11am. Unimpressed? What if I told you, they open at 9:00am! Price is a few hundred yen here and there. I usually get food for 3 people and get billed about 2000 yen.

Menu board

I recommend Maruichi Shokuhin Inari Chicken for any occasion. Whether you need some snacks on a long road trip or its Friday night movie night, the Chicken and Inari wont disappoint. Heck, I would be flattered if someone gave me a bag of chicken skin for Valentine's day. It's really that good! To get there, head north towards Uruma city towards the Katsuren-jo ruins site. Maruichi Shokuhin will be located a bit south of that across from a gas station. There is ample parking but it's takeout only. Be ready to eat it in your car!

Business Name: Maruichi Shokuhin (Food parlour)

Google Map Location Link:

Tel#: 098- 974-5550

Website: No Website

$ or Creditcards: Yen only

Opening Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm (everyday)