With all the craze going around about frozen yogurt these days, it’s real easy to forget about the classics. Obviously, I’m talking about soft serve ice cream. How delicious it was on a hot summer’s day. Back then, it only came in one flavour, vanilla. Honestly, that’s all you really needed. I remember how I use to take a big giant bite right off the top, and then instantly regret it as soon as the brain freeze kicks in. At an effort to keep up with everything else, Ma-su ya ice cream parlour Yukisio (which literally translates to “snow salt”) comes prepared with salt flavoured soft serve ice cream with an interesting twist.

Look, I don’t live under a rock. I am fully aware that salt flavoured soft served ice cream has been around for quite some time now. No news there. So why mention Ma-su ya Yukisio ice cream at all? Sure, salt is salt, but what if I told you (in the voice of Morpheus from the Matrix movie by the way) that Ma-su ya Yukisio ice cream has over 15+ different types of salt flavouring to add to your ice cream? That’s how deep the rabbit hole goes (still using the voice). The notable favourites include, red chili pepper, maccha, wasabi, black sesame, cocoa (not sure if it’s technically considered a salt but still worth mentioning), and the ever so popular, Shiquasa which is I think an Okinawan lime. The soft serve comes as regular vanilla flavour which you then coat with a fine sprinkle of your selected salt powder flavour on top. Foodie tip: if you layer only the top of your ice cream first with one type of salt, once you licked all salt portions clean, you can put on a second coat, allowing you to taste multiple different types of salt whilst only ordering one soft serve ice cream. You’re welcome!

Price is typically what you would expect for ice cream at about 380 yen a serving with a cone but, if you get it in a cup, you can also get the chinsuko (salt sugar biscuits) for free. To get there, find your way to the famous Kokusai Douri at Naha, find a parking, and then start walking. From anywhere along the Kokusai Douri, find the shopping arcade called the Heiwa Douri which leads to the Makishi fish market. When you enter the shopping arcade, pay attention to your left side. The Ma-su ya Yukisio ice cream parlour should be at around 100 meters in.

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Ma-su ya Yukisio Soft Ice Cream

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