Cafe Nicoli combines baked goods, great prizes, friendly staff, and a trendy barn-like atmosphere to a cool cafe, which should definitely become your number one spot, when it comes to picking up some treats for you and your friends. Walking into the bakery, you are immediately greeted by the nifty decorations like hand-written display cards, picnic table arrangements and thoughtful decorated shelves.

The muffins, scones, cookies and breads are fresh and ready to eat. All baked goods are for take-out only right now and the cute stamped paper bags for transporting them are super adorable. I ordered a caramel muffin, which was delicious, not too sweet and not too dense. You pay right at the trendy coffee counter. The muffins and scones are sold at about 120- 230Yen, little baked pies go for about 150-200 Yen and plenty of cute gift bags with assorted cookies or breads are available at 350- 420 Yen. Nicoli has all sorts of flavors: Cream cheese, Café au lait, Macha Green tea, traditional Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel combos, warm banana or fluffy Chocolat. A pretty cool special is the cheddar cheese pie. Are you ready to try it?

If you feel like coffee or even a smoothie, you can choose from a menu of Milk-, Coffee- or Fruit- based drinks. They start at 300Yen and the average drinks goes for about 400-500Yen. Very delicious, as well!

Opening Hours

10am – 6pm Daily

Cafe Nicoli

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