I must confess that although I've eaten in Ajisai Noodles more times than I can count with both hands, I have never tried their noodles. How is this possible you ask as if this is some kind of weird foodie riddle? All will be apparent as I describe the restaurant below.

Ramen Dishes

As the name suggests, Ajisai Noodles is a small ramen restaurant located inside Chatan Aeon mall. They have an abundant menu of noodles to choose from such as salt, white miso, buttered corn, and although I haven’t tried them, from what I can tell looks to be very promising. During every visit I have made to Ajisai Noodles, my mind is telling me no, but my body, my body is… Well, you know the rest. Once again, I get the fried rice (and justly so).

Chashu Fried Rice

Their fried rice is really something I have yet to see in Okinawa or anywhere else. Simply put, it’s out of this world. Their showcase – the Chashu fried rice – is a braised and grilled pork, chopped up, and mixed with mayonnaise (in a similar fashion of tuna or chicken salad) and topped on to a bowl of shrimp or pork fried rice. I don’t know what it is about it that I just can’t stop. Receiving the glances of judgement, I order my 2nd bowl without hesitation. Frankly, it’s that good that you just stop caring anymore. Pairing with some of their signature Karaage works wonders too. They also have some other items such as Gyoza, pork buns, and some alcohol drinks. Cost-wise, each ramen will set you back about 800+ yen with the mouth-watering Chasu fried rice being about 650 yen (and worth every single penny).

Hmmm… Chicken

Ajisai Noodles is perfect for that quick lunch. Since it has a wide selection of alcohol as well, I’d say it works for that weekend after swim recuperation meal as well. To get to Ajisai Noodles, head over to the Aeon mall at Chatan. Ajisai Noodles is on the 1st floor across from the grocery section. Remember, eat the Chashu fried rice responsibly!

Business Name: Ajisai Noodles (Restaurant)

Google Map Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/WvLn3r5NxJKwfTx1A

Tel#: 098-926-1600

Website: http://ajisai.tv

They accept yen only

Opening Hours: 11:00am-9:30pm (Everyday)