I come from the land down under!

…is what comes to mind when I think of Crocodile bar and seafood restaurant. Although the food and drinks are a topic in itself, Crocodile is a restaurant and bar that is better known for its ability to cater to almost any bar activity as if it was designed by a child with ADHD – In a positive way of course.

Enter if you dare!

Beginning your adventure at the entrance, you are seemingly greeted by a giant crab as you enter through a half-pipe. Upon entering, there is a tiki-hut bar dead centre where you order your drinks as you go sit and lounge at either the patio next to a fenced enclosure (which I swear looks like it could have an alligator inside), the pool table on the wooden deck, or indoor to the sofa hookah lounge with the dart board. Now you understand what I mean about the ADHD design? Let’s not forget about the adult size Jenga blocks and the kick scooter that you can ride around while waiting for your food.

Centre aisle bar for all your drink needs

As for the food, they primarily serve finger foods as one would expect but with some interesting dishes with a twist. How do you feel about trying one of the spiciest ramen on island? I’m talking about “punishment” spicy! All it took was a couple of strands of noodles for me to start sweating from areas I didn’t even know existed. As for the featured dish, delicious crispy crocodile fritters topped with some Pico de Gallo. Absolutely scrumptious to the last chomp. They also have some whole dishes such as the steak-don (beef bowl rice topping) and Hawaiian BBQ pork but honestly, I think most people just go there for the drinks as I didn’t see much of the other customers ordering food. For the damage to your wallet, sadly there wasn’t any all you can drink option anymore so you will have to dish out about 400-600 yen per drink (I know, yikes!). I suppose you can make some of it back on the pool table as it is free to play.

Crocodile meat fritters for the win!

All and all, Crocodile is definitely a good option for a rest and relaxing chill-eekend spot. Also, and I cannot emphasize this enough, I recommend this place for singles (if you know what I mean). When I was there, I noticed a lot of good looking people (myself excluded) just hanging out and having fun. To get there, head towards Chatan AEON mall. In front of the Chatan AEON is a huge parking lot that is used by people who are going to the Mihama Seven Plex. Crocodile is across the street from the east side exit of this parking.

Business Name: Crocodile (Bar and Restaurant)

Google Map Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/vdz7rEJWjUKi8jce8

Tel#: 098-936-9306

Website: None

They accept yen, E-cash, and credit cards

Opening Hours: 5:00pm-1:00am (Sun-Thur 5:00pm-3:00am (Fri-Sat), Closed (Tue and Typhoon Days)