Pizza is always the answer. Bold words coming from a tiny pizza place located seemingly nowhere surrounded by farmland in Kitanakagusuku. With great scepticism, we try it anyway. Little did we know, we were about to stumble upon one of the greatest hidden gems located on the island.

Kozy’s pizza could not possibly have a more appropriate name. It’s basically a homey little house and you’re dining in their living room. Bedrooms have been converted to private rooms for dining with kids or special occasions, while the kitchen is, well, the kitchen. I would have mistakenly called the chef “Mom” had I not already had my first morning coffee.

For the food, mama mia! Each pizza takes awhile to prepare due to it being made fresh to order but that really does make all the difference. The taste and texture of it all was just an explosion of blissful awe. I don’t remember much after my first bite since my eyes slowly began to close while I started to sing in my head Toto’s Africa (my happiness song). My mouth burned from the molten cheese but at that point I didn’t care. It was a pain I was willing to endure to eat the 20cm round plate of deliciousness.

We ordered the deluxe and the Artigiano which is a Napoli style pizza. The cheese vs toppings on the pizza are just the right proportions that no single ingredient overpowers the dish. They do have other items such as salads, chicken wings, and desserts basically what you would expect to complete a lunch set. Pricewise, a small size (15cm) pizza will cost you about 1,000 yen while the sizes to share will cost from 1,500 yen upward.

To get to Kozy’s pizza, are you ready to get confused? After exiting legion gate, go straight, then a right, another right, then a left, another slight left, then a right, then it’ll be on the right. Basically, just use Google maps. It’s hidden within too many thin streets to amply describe directions with accuracy. I used Google maps and still took 2 wrong turns.

Luckily, once you start to get close, they put up some sign boards in the shape of a pizza leading you to the restaurant. Just think of it as a scavenger hunt where your reward is some very delicious cheesiness! They accept yen, credit cards, and most eCash (ApplePay, iD, etc)

by Chris Enriquez

Opening Hours

MONDAY-THUSDAY 11:30am-4:30pm
FRIDAY-SUNDAY and Public holidays 11:30pm-9pm

Kozy's Pizza

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