Anyone who knows me knows that I’m always Go-za for some Gyouza! It’s about time we show some respect for one of the most underappreciated side dishes out there; the gyouza. At Osaka Ohsho, they highlight properly the great wonders that is the steamed and then pan fried dumpling. Lets me show you what I mean below.

It’s your turn, Gyouza!

Osaka Ohsho is a Chinese cuisine franchise restaurant scattered all over Japan, recently opening a few of them here on Okinawa. Although their main dishes are ramen, fried rice, and other typical Chinese dishes, the gyouza is what really makes them glow. So popular in fact that you can actually order them by the box! I mean think about it; How delicious must your gyoza be if you have a system in place that sells them by the case?! I must say though that they do this rightfully so.

10 portions (60 pieces) for me please!

On occasion I find myself having a box of 20 of these gyouzas chomping them away like they are popcorn. Half the time I forget to even dip them in to soy sauce. The gyouzas can be prepared fresh or even sold frozen with instructions on how to prepare them at home. I’ve tried to cook the frozen one at home and due to the clear instructions provided, I think I managed to replicate the fresh hot ones just fine. Before I forget, they also have some pretty awesome sweet and sour pork dishes in which they use black vinegar (whatever that means) giving it that extra sour kick. An absolute must try! Make sure to save some room for that classical buchi ball dessert too.

Other popular dishes

I would recommend Osaka Ohsho for casual family dinners, movie night, or even for lunch if you have some time to wait for the prep. The other dishes may take awhile to prepare as they cook everything to order. There are about 7 or so locations here in Okinawa but I think the best one with the nicest view is the one located in the San-A Parco City mall located in Urasoe. Speaking of which, I think I might as well just head over there now for a quick 10 portion snack!

Business Name: Osaka Ohsho (Restaurant)

Google Map Location Link:

Tel#: 098-871-1127


They accept yen, credit cards, and e-payments

Opening Hours: 11:00am-10:00pm (Everyday)