The famous Kaiten Sushi chain from mainland has arrived in Okinawa, with a total of six locations on the island. One of the brand new restaurants to enjoy your favorite Sushi is at the big Aeon Mall Rycom. It is located on the second floor, right above Daiso in the outside area called Rycom village.

There’s a good selection of sushi, soups, desserts and even specials on the menu. Your orders come on a separate conveyor belt to your seating area. But you can also choose different plates from the normal delivery belt. The great thing about the sushi is that they are covered, so it is really fresh when you decide to grab it. The taste of the Sashimi is very good at Kura Sushi and the size of the fried shrimp for example is a lot bigger than at other Kaiten sushis. Some might find the menu a bit smaller with less selection on meat sushis and specials, but the quality of the fish and the taste is the reason why Kura Shushi doesn’t need to have an overloaded menu. All ingredients are additive free as well and the plates cost 108 Yen each, including tax. So it’s good quality and taste for the same price as the usual Kaiten Sushi stores.

A great option is the low-carb menu called Shari Yasai, where the rice portion (Shari) is replaced with shredded daikon and wrapped in a little seaweed cone. They also have a low-carb Ramen version with bean sprouts instead of noodles, which is still really tasty!

Address: A-2F Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun 901-2300

Capacity: 193 seats

Payment: Yen or Credit card accepted

Opening Hours

11:00~23:00 Last order 22:30
10:20~23:00 Last order22:30

Muten Kura Sushi

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