Based on my recent visit to Four Seasons Steak House in Chatan-cho, Okinawa Prefecture, I can confidently say it’s one of the best places for teppanyaki in Okinawa. I was thoroughly impressed with their offerings, especially the Kobe beef, lobster, and a particularly delightful pork appetizer. They also serve a variety of sides that ensured I left completely satisfied.

During my visit, I took advantage of a fantastic lunch special they offer from 11am to 3pm for 1200 yen, which includes soup, salad, teppanyaki-style potatoes with sliced onions, a choice between chicken or beef, and either bean sprouts or spaghetti. I found it to be an incredible value for the money.

I’ve actually been visiting this restaurant since 1978 and have returned many times over the years. The food quality has remained consistently high, and the chefs always put on an entertaining show, even though I’ve noticed the price has crept up a bit.

The dining experience here is truly fun, and from what I’ve gathered, it’s best to book in advance due to its popularity. The steak and lobster were excellent, and I appreciated how the service wasn’t rushed, allowing me to thoroughly enjoy my meal. Compared to dining costs in other parts of Japan, I found the value for money here to be quite good.

However, I’d note that the restaurant feels similar to a Benihana-style place, which might not be everyone’s preference, especially if you’re looking for a traditional Japanese dining experience. 

All in all, I highly recommend Four Seasons Steak House for anyone looking for a fun and satisfying teppanyaki experience in Okinawa. It offers a great mix of quality food, entertainment, and value for money, although it might not cater to those in search of a traditional Japanese meal.

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Four Seasons Steak House Okinawa

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