Inside the same building as Zhyvago Coffee you can find Frankey Tavern. After a long coffee meeting brough us towards lunch we checked out what was on offer. The restaurant has an industrial tavern theme with a wide open bar and plenty of seating; there's a bike shop at the far end of the restaurant/building adding to the factory vibe.

Their USP is "American cuisine cooked over a wood fire". What this means in practice is a bit of a mashup of Mexican & American food with tacos on offer and even Okinawan taco rice as well as American favorites like burgers, club sandwiches and wings. We didn't drink but there's a variety of beers on tap including some West Coast IPAs worth trying as well as a varied cocktail menu making this a great spot for pre or post dinner drinks.

We settled on some chips with salsa to start, a blue cheese burger with an accompanying salad and drink set and a half pound rib eye steak. The chips and salsa were interesting, the chips were warm and possibly freshly made with some accompanying freshly made salsa. Definitely full points for making these in house but they were both lacking in flavor with no seasoning on the chips and zero spice to the salsa.

The steak was nicely presented with a piece of garlic butter and fries, but was slightly overdone to our liking. The blue cheese burger was also good but felt it was slightly highly priced as it didn't come with any fries at all unless you paid for an additional combo at 390 yen for a medium drink and fries, not the end of the world but for a 1520 yen burger we'd expect at least a few fries.

Overall a very decent choice in American village though we felt you're paying a premium for the location though on the plus side you do have those delicious Zhyvago cakes in the same building!

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