Authentic Indian cuisine in the Koza area by Louise Dupuy

Ayurveda is a small restaurant located just opposite Koza Music town. It’s been open about three months and, being a lover of Indian cuisine, I thought I’d go along and try it out. I was not disappointed.

When I say I love Indian food, I mean it’s my favourite thing to eat, so I’m always eager to try new places. Ayurveda is owned and run by a very nice Indian gentleman, and the food they serve is simply wonderful. It’s small, I’d say it seats less than 30, but don’t let this put you off. It’s clean, bright and welcoming. Upon arrival the owner himself greeted and seated, which is a nice, personal touch.

Now, down to the good stuff: the food. The selection isn’t vast, as they are new, but it’s varied enough to accommodate everyone, including the vegetarian in your party. You can choose from one of the set meals, or choose your own curries and sides. I was particularly hungry, so I went with a chicken curry and a lentil dish, as well as rice and naan. A choice of spice level is available on each dish too, which is something I’ve never seen at other Indian restaurants. The curries were as I hoped, right level of spice for my taste, but with emphasis on variety of flavour. Everything is freshly cooked, and the taste dances on your tongue. Sublime. They have a variety of soft drinks and alcohol, as well as lassi (a traditional Indian drink made with yogurt; I highly recommend the mango!) and chai served hot or cold (another Indian drink, a tea mixed with masala spices, which is also worth a try if you haven’t already).

Price is fair; you get what you pay for. It isn’t a cheap dinner out, but it won’t break the bank either. It would be a great place to head for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary.

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY  11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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