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Total Okinawa Update

29th July 2016
Whatever your tummy desires, we’ve got a whole crock pot full of delicious restaurant reviews to catch your taste buds this issue as well as a new listing for Plenty Language School if it’s about time you stopped putting off learning Japanese!

Highway 1

Ginowan City is concealing a hidden gem. Nestled amidst an unassuming residential area is Highway 1, a haven for seafood (and non-seafood) lovers. Step through its Dragon guarded doors into a world of delicacy and deliciousness.

Pizza House Jr.

Pizza house Jr. is a small, modern restaurant in Urasoe, only a short drive to Kinser.
It’s touted as a pizza restaurant, but honestly this is only a tiny portion of what they serve.
Most dishes have a somewhat Italian feel, though there is also the odd Mexican inspiration and American in there too.
Love me some pizza….click!

Torii Taproom

Good beer isn’t all that hard to come by in Okinawa. Great beer on the other hand isn’t quite so easy to find. Enter the Torii Taproom and you’ll think you’ve stumbled through some mystical porthole to craft beer heaven. If that’s an overstatement it isn’t much of one. They have 15 different beers on tap and a couple coolers stacked with other hard to find bottled offerings.
Craft Beer Heaven!

Plenty Language School

PLS is a language school in Urasoe. They teach (kids to adults) private lessons, group lessons, and family lessons in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese for foreigners.

Time to Learn A Language!

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