I have been driving by this place “Patisserie Akahiro” for the past 5 years, looking for a patisserie for my occasional cake cravings. The last time I searched for a patisserie Google Maps took me to a closed shop somewhere in the countryside. It was a complete fail.

A week ago I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon this spot. This place is just on the outskirts of Naha close to both a McDonalds and Starbucks. Patisserie Akahiro is a French-Okinawan delight. The owner is from Ibaraki and opened shop back in 2017 with the patisserie located on the first floor of a two-story building. There are several parking spots at their storefront, and “Patisserie Akahiro Okinawa” is written on a bright green sign above the parking.

Patisserie Akahiro storefront

As you walk in, you are greeted with adorable displays of gift items from cookie baskets to adorably wrapped cakes, to a range of gift boxes filled with cookies and pastries, blue boxes with musical notes, floral wrapped, and even kariyushi shirt gift boxes.

Cookies and cakes on diplay as you enter Patisserie Akahiro.

Further inside there are different types of cakes, fruit tarts, choux cream, and various flavors of macarons. There is pistachio, lemon, praline, vanilla, cacao, and the occasional flavor pop-up sale. Our favorites are the lemon, pistachio, and praline-flavored macarons. They have apple and cinnamon crumble and galette café marron which translates from French to brown coffee cake. There is a variety of fruit tarts from mango rare cheese tarts, American cherry tarts, citrus tarts, strawberry tarts and so much more.

Patisserie Akahiro delves into different flavors and tasty pastries with the occasional pop-up pastry sale to tease your taste buds. If you follow their Instagram page you will find all their delicious delicacies. You can also be notified of pastries, cakes, tarts, and more that are the bake sale of the day.

There is so much cake to taste and flavors to try at this adventure-filled patisserie. So go ahead and follow their page, visit their little patisserie store and tell them which new flavors you like by liking their posts. We assure you that, you won’t be disappointed.

Patisserie Akahiro is open from 11 am – 6 pm, 6 days a week excluding Wednesdays.

パティスリー AkaHiro


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