Get ready for an elegant buffet that meets the highest standard of deliciousness with a great variety of dishes and an incredible ocean view.

The Grand Mer Resort invites you to breakfast, lunch and dinner at their famous Dress Diner Restaurant. My personal recommendation is the Lunch Buffet. Many people line up for it but it’s never a crowded atmosphere. The restaurant is big and depending on the number of guests the waiters arrange seating groups and reserve tables.  The dishes are nicely arranged on counters which can be accessed from both sides and offers a wide selection of Japanese and Western foods.

Appetizers like salads and soups, main dishes like pizza, pasta, steak, chicken, soba, curry, desserts like cakes and bread rolls and even specials like Shabu Shabu are served. You can also choose sodas, teas, coffee or juice from the drink bar and order alcohol if you like. The selection changes with the season, so every time you come, you can try something new. If you have just a casual lunch with friends you will be fine without a reservation during the week. If you come with more than four people, it’s better to place a reservation with the restaurant.

The prices range from 500-700 Yen for kids to 1,980Yen for adults.

Lunch Buffet Opening hours:
[Weekday] 11:15-15:00 (enter by 14:00)
[Weekend] 11:15-15:30 (enter by 14:30)

Payment: Cash or Credit card accepted

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 11:15 to 15:30

Dress Diner at Grand Mer

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Dress Diner at Grand Mer