This business is now closed. The review is kept here for archival. 

The smallest Bento-stores are always the best. Unatori Bento is one of those family owned shops you just must visit. It is known and loved by many of the locals.

Unatori is open all day and sells lunch-boxes right off the 330 in Ganeko. It starts business at 4am and provides the freshes bentos, soups and onigiri riceballs for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Many workers come early to pick up their lunches. That’s how I noticed Unatori Bento. They always have customers.

A special at Unatori is the fresh soba soup. You can purchase a to-go bowl for about 150-200Yen and then add delicious hot soup for 100 yen. If you like eggs in your soba, they are available for 50 Yen a piece. You can also eat your bento right there in the store. Unatori has seating underneath a cover in the front and you can purchase soda and tea as well.

The Bento section has a lot of choices. Spam egg onigirs, deep fried sides, stir fry, spaghetti and bentos of different sizes are offered. The prizes compete with other Bento stores and start at 150Yen for packed onigiris and little lunch boxes. Big meal sets are sold for 250-450Yen.

When I went there for lunch, I got a Spam and Egg onigiri, which one of the cooks referred me to when I asked for the most sold item. It cost 150Yen and was still warm. The spam was juicy and the egg slightly seasoned. It was so filling, I couldn’t even finish it! Definitely a great pick for a small prize!